Ep. 9, Karen Punitarian
"...they are not the evil anti-vaxxers you are told they are." Oh, thank goodness for that. Guys, pay attention to the language.RE: The Blaylock article: Great, right? Yeah… Just want to point out the power of language yet again. This is borrowing the language and preserv…
Dr. Mattias Desmet on the Phenomenon of Mass FormationWatch now (5 min) | Wherein the Exercise of Cruelty Becomes an "Ethical Duty"
Smart!Watch now (53 sec) | The Magic of the Mask starring Brandon
"Fazer mRNA Genetic Based Therapy"Watch now (2 min) | "Here's to living. Heres to Fazer mRNA Genetic Based Therapy."
"I'm Not Anti-Vax, but I'm Anti-Mandate", Ep. 97, How Fear Makes the Distinction ObsoleteListen now (5 min) | Rhetorical framing predicated on a politically expedient talking point is doomed to fail. (Computer Storytime Podcast Version)
Yeah, We're gonna keep going on this.
But Dr. Jessica Rose is. This is just ridiculously hard to explain away. Not that the Corporate Propaganda Networks won't try while the Giant…
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