When Jabs Good Island scoops Jabs Bad Island with Real Life Gates Content, you know the Infosphere is thoroughly managed
Does Dr. Robert Malone know, or has he ever been in prior contact with, Jordon Trishton Walker? Was the Project Veritas drop the first time that Malone…
Damar Hamlin is back with a new CPR Challenge Video and Buried Within the Artificial Intelligence Op is More Normalization of Heart Issues…Watch now (2 min) | Trying to look under the Scooby Doo Episode to the Underlying Master Op
The University of Texas Medical Branch will soon start working on preventing biological threats like Ebola. The project could potentially prevent…
Damar Hamlin's Facial Biometrics and Historic Speech Patterns Side by Side, DH #30Watch now (8 min) | Mom's Eyes and Player Reaction on the Field Feels Real
Let's start off the day with some Micky D's
Either you don't have a Healthy DH on either side or you are trolling the world in a live Psy Op Exercise
Here is the full 5:41 Instagram Damar Hamlin Thank You Video, DH #27Watch now (6 min) | This one addresses some of the questions raised from the Twitter cut
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