How did we get these jabs anyway? If only someone could have stopped them.
Start from the premise that for various reasons the Rich People that own the world want to kill you. Not Steve Kirsch rich people.Sage’s Newsletter is a…
Follow the Grimy Paws of the Monster past all the Nodes of NBC, NPR, Joe Rogan, and piece together what actually happened
Curiouser and curiouser
DARPA already knew IVM worked the best, but that would screw up their New World Order Herd Culling Gene Editing Mass Test which required an EUA.
George Webb would like to Interview Dr. Robert Malone this Weekend in AtlantaWatch now (28 min) | Optical Mouse CBDC Executive Summary: George Webb and Mark Kulacz both make the case that by selecting famotidine (Pepcid AC) and…
Revisiting the Science Magazine Fact-checking article on Judy Mikovits and Plandemic
Fox News: "Republicans claim Biden Admin may have tried to cut corners on COVID Vaccine Approval"Watch now (5 min) | These people do not respect your intelligence. Nothing matters. Nothing matters.
We are three years into this now, fam. 🤨 Paging Mowrey. Paging Spartacus. Paging GVB. Paging A Midwestern Doc. The STEMs are scattering like cats in a…
"THE LOW POST: Murrah Redux: 9/11 Truth is a bald regurgitation of a silly tale we heard ten years ago" pens Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone, October 24…
"Why the '9/11 Truth' movement makes the 'Left Behind' sci-fi series read like Shakespeare", pens RS/Taibbi in 2006
He's baaaaccckkkk! Scripps Spook Kristian Anderson Continues his Monster SWAT Team Duties