"A New World Order"

Mini-Documentary tracks back how the zombification of the Hero Middle Managers and Big Smarties gets done


It really, really, really ain’t all that *complicated to sort out this dark timeline once you clock the Creative Intelligence behind the curtain with a willing spirit and a modicum of intellectual integrity.

All the dots converge into a line: Falsified Science, Terrorism False Flags, Confused Zombified Middle Managers and Arrogant Big Smarties from Elite Institutions that you must fall in love with for the Ops to work.

You must either fall in love with a Hero or fall in love with an identity or an ideology or a manufactured paradigm of Things Unseen and float effortlessly for a bit and not fight it like a salmon fights the stream and then slowly or rapidly become a dolt and a dupe and hammer in the warehouse.

In this sense, they really are smarter than the Warehouse.

They got out in front of it.

The Scorpions got out in front of the Frogs.

They did what we do here and Cloud Brain it out.

Then they took the best of the best in each field.

Filet mignon.

And ran it through a Psy Op meat grinder.

And here we are.

Look at them go.

Look at how they read you in.

All they had to do was give you a Goody.

Yes, please. Says the Warehouse.

They laugh at us. They enjoy humiliating the marks and their minions.

Damndest thing.

They have spent a century? How long?

Employing the tactics that Lawrence Dunegan laid out from his recollections of the 1969 symposium with ex-Planned Parenthood Director Richard Day.

Day Tapes are here:

Day Tapes: 1, 2, 3, 4.

::big breath::

*The last MAJOR complication is the nature of the hooooomanz writ large who have the ability to be situationally good and yet also have Scorpion Brain or diet Scorpion Brain and be total (or partial!) psychotic lizards and not you of course you are a Goody not like that Baddy Kathy Hochul who says get the shots…cuzz…God…or that Lefty Don’t Kill Grandma Gleaming Talking Head who can’t be bothered to look at a VAERS Chart ‘cuz Vaccines are Mythical and Holy and not non-sentient compounds in vials that don’t care about your fee-fees how could they they are non-sentient and there is most definitely something to the Spirit Sky Fairy Concept packaged up many different ways and always botched by the religious Thought Leader Dolts and binaries are a death sentence to understanding and toss in the ability of the Situationally Good Hooooman to bullshit oneself in order to satisfy necessary instincts and the nature of Evil and stuff becomes highly complicated so…yeah…but the mechanics of the Ops and how they roll through the Evil Layer Cake of Bureaucracy I now grasp and the reason they seem complicated is probably that one must investigate their own darkness and extrapolate to the world and not many hooomans are about that life and would prefer to eat Doritos and Good Evening Tucker Carlson and the Pancake Makeup Wearing NFL and Morning Latte chuckling bobbleheads will soothe their nerves and much like the scientists who could bust the Ops wide open with their Giant Ice Cube Brains if they were simply incentivized to find truth and not get Junior Mint treats from their Minders but anyway this search and extrapolation is difficult and this will come at enormous cost to one’s Private Self World Order and for most the willingness to explore and extrapolate will be lost to them and “what do you care, worry about yourself” the Scorpion said to Aaron Russo and further complicating matters is that we hoomanzz do have to trust due to social instincts and very real pragmatic necessity.

Anyway, if you change the Incentive Structures, top down, much of this clears up relatively IMMEDIATELY, I suspect.

“I’ll give one million dollars…”


There may be some hope in that, but Hope and Change is a Glittering Generality and that is one of the off ramps and ploys that ALWAYS WORKS because it keeps the explore and extrapolate at bay like dem dere Two Sides to the Brain that Larry told us about.

What the Scorpions are trying to do is audacious.

I realize that this is too hard for most.

I collect the data points and make a map of the world.

You don’t have to use the map.

Create your own map.

I now *think* I understand most of the off-ramps that will and are employed.

I know that the Scorpions know them as well.

I can sort of think like a Scorpion (extrapolate!) and suss out how these Off-Ramps have been, are now, and will be exploited.

Homies and homettes, the Scorpions are super good at this. Like astonishingly good at this.

I see the enormous power differential.

I see the Big Smarts are just like the Warehouse of Hammers and are Motivated Reasoners and Motivated Reasoning is a helluva drug.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Gonna take a few daze off.

70-80 year+ plans from the Richest People in the world will defeat the Unintended Consequences Shih Tzu busting out videos and smashing paws wildly on an Etch a Sketch.

They are right now beginning the throttle on both ends and the flying monkeys are arriving in droves anew.

(Droves of monkeys? 🤔)

Pick up the torch.

Start digging in and kicking my ass like you do every day up in here.

I love you guys.

I love you homies and homettes.

(Narrator, Heather, laughy, would not do better)

Your move, Swarm.