BARDA "Industry Day" 2021 Sales Pitch

November 3, 2021 Address from Dr. Christopher Houchens, BARDA CBRN Division Director. Better get ready for these "emerging threats" ! These guys are pretty good at predicting them.


Good morning. I'm Chris Hopkins, the director of BARDA's Division of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Medical Countermeasures, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to tell you about some of the great things that our team of scientists, physicians, engineers and analysts have accomplished over the past year.

Translation: For example, we were able to get a bunch of people injected with herd culling toxic drugs in response to the bioweapon that our pals at DARPA created.

So…that was good.

edit to add, courtesy Dollyboy: Looks like they misspelled Houchen’s name in their own PDF:

Welp! That’s gub’mint for you! 😅

PDF guy got promoted, probably.

And more importantly, to give you some insight regarding even bigger things that we hope to accomplish going forward with you as our partners. This slide really needs no introduction. The title says it all.

Translation: More bioweapons coming! Maybe monkeypox! And a surprise bioweapon antiviral opportunity to be named later.

We live in a increasingly dangerous world in which threats to our national health security can arise anywhere at any time. Some of the threats that we are dealing with are here now, like COVID 19, multi-drug resistant bacteria and opioid overdoses. Others, like Ebola and nerve agents, have made themselves known repeatedly over the past several years.

They can arise at any time!

Just kidding. We plan them out.

Still, others are further in our rearview mirror but are still visible like anthrax. Then there are the threats of nuclear and radiological weapons that we like to think hearken to another era, but are in fact being actively pursued in the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula. And the most insidious of all, these threats are the ones that have not yet made the presence known, the ones that are not even yet named the John Dose of national health security threats, the threat axis.

We like to use the military grunts to test the anthrax stuff.

Also, we’ll be sure to hit you up at the Milken Institute afterparty with the insidious new threats so you can get a jump on the *gene editing treatments.

*Shhh…some people are raising some pesky questions on that.

Down low, people!

Etc., blah, blah, blah, emerging threats private public blah blah blah…

“And we have more in the pipeline”.


We know you do, BARDA.

We know you do.

And we know that there is some Regulatory Sherpa out there “expediting” the process.