Brave Michelle from Fresno Blows the Whistle on Baby Deaths

"I've had enough. I cannot take any more of this. We're talking about babies."


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Source video here:

Dr. James Thorp and whistleblower RN, Michelle join Stew Peters to expose the 12-fold increase in infant deaths across the globe.

The hospitals KNOW the deaths will increase, and they aren't doing anything!

Let’s finish the week on a positive note.

This is what it looks like, fam.

Authenticity and courage and resolute determination.

Would prefer that Stew knock it off with the Made for TV movie shit, but whatever. This ain’t St. Elsewhere, or West Wing, or Hollywood.

You have the goods. You have the authenticity.

You don’t need all of that, and it comes off like you are hyping Snake Venom 2: The Rambo Years.

(I’m an asshole.)

Good interview. Give him some traffic before new Stacker Dr. Jane Ruby comes in here and yells at me and I have to say, Dr. Jane! Look I ran the Sasha Stuff!

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Watch the video.

Michelle gets into how her fellow nurses seem to be oblivious and surmises that it’s because they got the shots and she didn’t.

Michelle surmised that it’s a physical alteration, my guess is that it is psychological, which we explored here:

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And MAA and I discussed at length here:

I got waxed in the poll, but my premise was once you get the jabs in, the No Buyer’s Remorse Denial Psy Op really kicks in.

And then you don’t put it together that when you are setting records for dead babies delivered, that it just might have something to do with those lovely injections.

Brave Michelle in Fresno.

From the bottom of my cold, dark heart.

Thank you.

God bless you.