Catherine Austin Fitts:"The only thing...that would explain this is a quota system being enforced...every country or state is given a quota of how much they have to reduce their population"

Former White House Staffer theorizes about potential Incentive Structures to Cull the Global Herd; cites global trade and credit embargo as a plausible enforcement mechanism


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Talk about not flinching!

Catherine Austin Fitts is a Wall Street investment banker and advisor who served in the George W. Bush Administration as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner and at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Fitts is an early Great Reset Detective.

She is essentially the Dr. Mike Yeadon of Finance when it comes to sussing out that something was gravely amiss with the Plandemic narratives.

So this is new to me. This is valuable insight from someone who is dual expert in the world of finance and government.

This is a new addition to the “control the nodes” theory as to how the Herd Culling Sausage gets…uhhmm…made?

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Let’s talk about Bad Batches and Culling the Herd.

Bad Batches, or if you prefer, “Hot Lots”, have been a part of COVID lore since the roll out of the injections.

Even Dr. Robert Sherpa has mentioned the site, “How Bad is my Batch?”, an aggregator of injury hot lots, when tracking down the batch which purportedly injured him.

Former Pharm Industry regulatory veteran Sasha Latypova goes in depth into the phenomenon of bad batches, or inconsistent product, in the full video linked in this post:

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Sasha Latypova: "So this is a (US) military action, military program...that has suspended all safety rules and regulations everywhere in the world effectively."
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“Huge variation all over the place.” Sasha 2:54:45

“Enormous variability lot-to-lot remains unexplained”
Chart as to Wildy Varying Deaths by State

We also know that the strength of Moderna vs. Pfizer injections were disparate, Moderna being far more potent.

Why would this be?

The DOD was controlling the contracts with both companies.

Working theory: Because they (the DOD) are testing different strength gene editing drugs on you, the human lab rats.

Coming together now? It’s not just a cull, it’s a longitudinal test of the gene editing drugs.

As the bullshit NEJM Pfizer paper predictively programmed.

It was all a giant lie to promote gene editing "solutions" which they are testing on the world.

Here is the NEJM write up/promo which continues to be a shameful example of scientific corruption.


----"The data presented in this report have significance beyond the performance of this vaccine candidate. The results demonstrate that Covid-19 can be prevented by immunization, provide proof of concept that RNA-based vaccines are a promising new approach for protecting humans against infectious diseases, and demonstrate the speed with which an RNA-based vaccine can be developed with a sufficient investment of resources. The development of BNT162b2 was initiated on January 10, 2020, when the SARS-CoV-2 genetic sequence was released by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and disseminated globally by the GISAID (Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data) initiative. This rigorous demonstration of safety and efficacy less than 11 months later provides a practical demonstration that RNA-based vaccines, which require only viral genetic sequence information to initiate development, are a major new tool to combat pandemics and other infectious disease outbreaks. The continuous phase 1/2/3 trial design may provide a model to reduce the protracted development timelines that have delayed the availability of vaccines against other infectious diseases of medical importance. In the context of the current, still expanding pandemic, the BNT162b2 vaccine, if approved, can contribute, together with other public health measures, to reducing the devastating loss of health, life, and economic and social well-being that has resulted from the global spread of Covid-19."

Enter Karen Kingston, another ex-Pharm Industry veteran turned White Hat:

The Kingston Report
FDA Lies About PFIZER's mRNA Vaccine Ingredients and Safety in Government Briefing Documents and Website
While it’s no surprise that Pfizer continues to doubled-down on the lie that their FDA-approved COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are still protected under the EUA shield, it is somewhat shocking that the FDA is also lying in government briefing documents and on their website that FDA-approved…
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Per Pfizer’s Initial New Drug Application (IND), it is true that BNT162b2 is the mRNA formulation used in the clinical trials.

However, per the FDA’s August 23, 2021, BLA approval, the FDA clearly states that COMIRNATY and BNT162b2 are similar, but different biosynthetic agents.

Conclusion: The statement made in the June 15, 2022, FDA briefing document that COMIRNATY and BNT162b2 are the same and interchangeable are false and intentionally misleading claims.

The Kingston Report
FDA Documents Confirm Pfizer's 2021 mRNA Vaccine Lots Had Different Formulations Based on Lot#
When the emergency use (EUA) COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were first rolled out in the United States, many Americans questioned if different formulations were being distributed. Why? Because some people became severely injured or died after vaccination, while others seemed completely fine. Furthermore, some vaccine lots had higher incidences of severe injuries and deaths, while other lots and little to no adverse events per the VAERS database…
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When the emergency use (EUA) COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were first rolled out in the United States, many Americans questioned if different formulations were being distributed. Why? Because some people became severely injured or died after vaccination, while others seemed completely fine. Furthermore, some vaccine lots had higher incidences of severe injuries and deaths, while other lots and little to no adverse events per the VAERS database.

Per the FDA’s approval of Pfizer’s Biological License Application (BLA); Dr. Ramachandra Naik, of the FDA/CBER, specifically asked Pfizer, “What EUA mRNA vaccine lots are the same as the FDA approved formulation of COMIRNATY?”

Pfizer’s answer should have been, ‘All of them.’ Why? Because in 2021 the American people were told that there was only one formulation for Pfizer’s EUA COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. But that wasn’t Pfizer’s response. Not even close.

Instead, Pfizer responded to Dr. Naik and the FDA by saying, “Here’s a list of lot numbers for EUA mRNA vaccines that are the same formulation as COMIRNATY.”

This means that throughout 2021, there were some Pfizer EUA mRNA lots that had the same formulation as COMIRNATY and a whole bunch of lots that had different mRNA formulations.

Pfizer’s and the FDA’s own BLA document confirms that Pfizer unleashed multiple COVID-19 mRNA formulations on the American people and our children.

Now let’s get to Marc Girardot.

Recently, Marc Girardot posited (again) on Mathew Crawford that the Spike protein is not the primary mechanism of vaccine injury.

Rounding the Earth Newsletter
A Model of Nanoparticles as the Primary Agent of COVID-19 Vaccine Injury
A short while ago I got done talking with Marc Girardot, author of the popular Covid Myth Buster Series substack, about his model of vaccine injury. This is one of my most important interviews ever. I hope the discussion is navigable by a wide audience. I've been in discussions with Marc for months while he researched and developed his model, and I've g…
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Says MC:

This took some time because as many in the medical freedom movement have, I bought into the spike protein story as the primary hypothesis for vaccine-associated illness. But that's a tough hypothesis to either accept or reject when you're not a biologist working on the evidence full time. Always keep your mind open and limber against the pressure of cognitive dissonance.

In the discussion of Mathew’s post, Girardot posits that bad batches are fake news.

Writes Arkmedic's blogOct 10 (on Spike)

Thanks Mathew. I personally have no more time for Marc's theory because it doesn't make any pharmacological sense and doesn't explain at all the longer term effects I am (and the world is) seeing. However it's important to let each person have their say especially if they bring evidence to the table. And Marc seems like a nice guy. So I have reposted this article. Keep up the good work.

Then Marc and Arkmedic get into a tiff. (One of the more enjoyable snarky aspects of this Psy Op is watching scientists and smarties fight.)

If Bad Batches are fake…what might be the implications of that?

If Spike Protein is not a dominant mechanism of injury…what might be the implications of that?

Lots to discuss.

I lean to Spike Bad and Bad Batches real, and they are testing on us.

But I’m no expert. Audio clip from Housatonic describing the DOD’s realization that unlocking the human genome is the final frontier of war is embedded in the following post. (Holy shit I write a lot of posts! 😅)

This clip remains one of the most resonant Big Lebowski “tie the room together” master explanations for ALL OF THIS NIGHTMARE.

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