Damar Hamlin's Facial Biometrics and Historic Speech Patterns Side by Side, DH #30

Mom's Eyes and Player Reaction on the Field Feels Real


Attention Black Suburbans, Mockingbird Media, Jabs Good Island Denizens, JBI*1 Denizens and Manchurian Candidate Slow Rollers:

I do not know what happened with Damar Hamlin.

I genuinely do not know. I have an idea, sure.

What I do know is that there are enough bizarre anomalies since that fateful night to fill a non-emergency ambulance and hold it up in the tunnel, because what’s the rush?

I am not going to go through them all, we are on post #30, for crying out loud!

So right now, today, we will just be focusing on the latest DH Instagram video rollout and going to the most obvious discrepancies and reality construction issues.

The Miles Sanders Facetime Damar Hamlin simply does not look like Damar Hamlin to me.

He doesn’t speak, despite Miles Sanders making a point to say that he is “physically speaking”, which people don’t usually talk like that off the cuff, but okay.

The Instagram video feels heavily edited and robotic. There are obvious cuts in the middle of sentences and thoughts.

It is curious that family is not involved in the production.

The player reax on the field the night of the incident appears to be honest, gut-wrenching heartbroken grief…not, he’s resuscitated and going to the Emergency Room, let’s play football.

It felt bigger than football.

Another detail that is strange to me, and I have another post on this basically written, but I still need to do some more research.

It is odd to me that Damar Facetimed Miles Sanders of the Eagles and it would seem that the first person he might have reached out to would be Dane Jackson, another player from his Pittsburgh area neighborhood, his teammate in college and his teammate on the Bills.

Dane Jackson is who Damar is speaking about in the Buffalo Bills interview about being “a duckling” and living near.

If I’m not mistaken, Dane Jackson is the player on the field who is being consoled by the blonde woman, and I found an interview after Damar had purportedly miraculously recovered and his eyes looked incredibly sad, very much like Mom’s eyes in the tweet.

I genuinely just want to know what is real. And I have a hunch that we are never going to find out, and that a lot of people are now conscripted into an Op that they did not ask for.