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Dear Presidential Hopeful RFK, Jr. and Team, (Kirsch, Dr. Robert Malone)

Don't you want to solve the "Standards of Care" Hospital Murder Mystery? Or should we just Kumbaya it out and avoid the "toxic quagmire" and open up a fresh bag of Murder Baton Doritos?

How much would your Favorite Gleaming Talking Head or Presidential Candidate and Team very much like you to not keep digging into the Biomedical Security Pretext for Global Fascism?

Of 9/11. And Anthrax.

Planes and then germs. Planes with germs. Germs.

Plans and designs.

George’ Webb Task Force Orange Journal
Was Corona 9/11 Really Anthrax 9/11 Live?
In October 2019, I stood on the banks of the Potomac in the shadow of Ft. McNair and the National Defense University with renowned 9/11 author Len Bracken, and I asked, “Could they Dark Winter Trump?”. Operation Dark Winter was a “tabletop” exercise, that was run at the US Army Fort behind the bricks 100 yards to my left. Operation Dark Winter sought t…
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Is there any doubt in your mind who runs this joint? (America, The World.)

Do you wond…

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