Dendrite and the Prions: "A Pox on Your Horse (Paste)"

Music Video Rough Cut from our first single on our new album


As many of you are aware, my beloved cousin Sage Eisenhana tragically passed away recently of folded prion disease during Drum Circle Therapy.

Sage’s Newsletter
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As an homage to Sage (Eisenhana), I quickly stole her drum and started a new coronavirus themed rock band, Dendrite and the Prions.

This is the working theme of our first single entitled, “A Pox on Your Horse (Paste)”.

We of course need to professionally mix our vocals and probably hire a new singer.

But you get the idea.

Sage (Eisenhana, my dead cousin) would have wanted us to keep making music.

Our next single is tentatively entitled, “Viral Hysteria: (You’re a Liar)”

Happy Labor Day Weekend!