Documenting Mass Murder

Marie Clark conducts Remdesivir Hospital Protocol Interviews for the Former Feds Group


She’s not just an interviewer.

She’s a survivor.

Marie says about 10/200 emerge from the Death Protocol alive.

That’s 5% survival rate for you math wizzes.

95% Kill Ratio.

Sure. I get it. Anecdotal evidence.

Getting into Wayne Root wedding anecdote turf, but that is where we are.

Your gov’t. wants to kill you and apparently writes the scripts for the doctors on what to say while they do it. We are not going to have great numbers on this.

Hospitals may be the most sinister places on Earth.

This is Housatonic, Mark Kulacz conducting the interview with Marie.

(Sort of like The Last American Vagabond is Ryan Cristian.)

Here is Mark’s home page.

I like Mark’s affect at the end of the video. I almost froze or slo-mo’d but that felt manipulative. He is moved.

So am I.

I’m moved because we are all just trying to do something in our own way.

Like when Mark Crispin Miller sends out the Bat Signal to do “died suddenly” research.

It hits me hard. Inside. You too?

You too, I think.

Fun cryptic trivia.

I am going to need to spend some time looking into this, but the Former Feds Group was recently confidentially suggested to me to look into regarding a whole other (but related) issue.

Which is one reason that I am trying very hard to see where some key people are on some key issues.

Former Feds Group links.

One way we do this is by hosting a weekly video conference call every Monday at 9 pm EST, open to all that request attendance, at which victims of hospital protocols and their loved ones are free to share their stories. With this sharing process, we hope these brave and injured individuals gain a small dose of closure. This process will enable us to document their stories and maintain a record to ensure that the perpetrators of these Crimes Against Humanity, those who subjected their unwilling victims to lethal hospital protocols,  be brought to justice. There is no statute of limitations for Crimes Against Humanity; the dead and injured will ultimately receive the justice they deserve. We do this with the aspiration that this will never again occur.

Denial of early treatment and prophylaxis to Americans is unacceptable, knowing the potential outcome this disease can cause. Patients are often sent home and told to rest and drink lots of fluids. Only when their condition has worsened to the point they must be admitted to the ICU do they receive any treatment. At that time they are administered a “standard of care” that is anything but a death protocol most of the time.

Gonna clock out now and get in a training session, so apologies if I’m not with you for the comments until tomorrow.

If you would like to make a small donation to support the work, links are below.

Thanks all.

Hasta mañana.