Dr. Mattias Desmet on the Phenomenon of Mass Formation

Wherein the Exercise of Cruelty Becomes an "Ethical Duty"


So this is a fascinating clip.

And horrifying.

This clip is horror movie stuff to a person like me…far more scary than graphic pictures of 19” blood clots being fished out of femoral arteries of triple jabbed deceased victims of the injections.


Because it is exists in that hidden realm of spirituality.

It gets to the heart of this thing we humans call evil.

As in The Banality of Evil.

Why does this happen? Why are we humans prone to this?

It seems to be intimately related to social forces.

I can look at animals being cruel, and gather that it’s just instinct. Nature is hideously cruel.

Watch a cat bat around a small rat for ten minutes before finally killing it, or a komodo dragon eating a critter alive and you can see that.

But we view that as just animal instinct.

This is what we mean when we say, “We’re not animals!” to separate ourselves as evolved beings. The premise being that we righteous human critters are not driven just by pure instinct. We sublimate our instincts to get along, or if you prefer, to be “good”. Or if you prefer again, to be “holy”. To be more like “God”.

I know, I know…I’m getting deep here.


We are animals.

Humans are the most violent prey animal on Earth, and it ain’t close.

Is it instinct, like animals?

Or Evil.

Whatever it is, Dr. Desmet explores how some very dark things can start to happen within the human species.

Who is Dr. Mattias Desmet?

Dr. Desmet is a noted Ghent University (Belgium) professor and expert in mass psychology. He rocketed to fame when Dr. Robert Malone mentioned him on The Joe Rogan Experience, citing his work on mass formation as a potential explanation of the COVID Era.

Over 50-million views or listens to that episode, and a whole metric shit ton of people immediately wanted to know more about this phenomenon of mass formation.

Naturally, Google began censoring and smearing Desmet as a crackpot, and also the term “mass formation” as “discredited”.

Basically, Ivermectin all over again.

Google is Evil.

This video is from Desmet testifying in Reiner Fuellmich’s Coronavirus Committee, where he was asked straight out of the gate to describe what Mass Formation is.

He summarized it very cleanly and in a way that deviated from some of the prior bullet points that I had been familiar with him using. More on that in a minute.

Here is the link to the whole stream. I will have more clips coming in the next few days.


I first listened to Dr. Desmet on The Grayzone with Max Blumenthal last year. Blumenthal is somewhat of a rarity on the alternative media political left who went Purple if not Red pill on both the exp. injections and COVID policies.

I like Max a lot.

On an interesting side note, I seem to recall that I listened to it on The Grayzone YouTube channel, and it may have been on the livestream. I’m almost positive that it used to be on their video menu. I could be mistaken, it’s been a while.

That video is currently nowhere to be found on the Grayzone channel, though. Worth noting that Grayzone got split in half by the COVID mass formation, losing Ben Norton who went all in on the Pro Vaccine Narrative, so this is a fitting absence. Of course it could just be YouTube doing their Deep State Google censoring bullshit.

A search reveals that stream can be watched on Max Blumenthal’s Rofkin channel, however that specific video cannot be linked. Strange. Amazing how sinister an informational place that we find ourselves now, yes?


What’s fascinating about this interview is that Dr. Desmet departs from some of the usually described mass formation building blocks, in which he uses a broader, more macro scale. Those building blocks generally include:

Widespread social isolation and lack of social bonds, widely felt sense of loss of purpose in life, free floating anxiety leading to free floating aggression…and then finally, a sort of hypnosis forms as a perceived way out of the pain is presented to the masses…ex. “get the jabs and we can get back to normal”.

The bullet points Dr. Desmet uses here in this video to set up the explanation run from a different paradigm. Whereas before he used a broad based societal perspective, here he delves more into the individual psychological perspective.

Those in the throes of mass formation exhibit:

Step 1. Blindness to Evidence

Step 2. Willingness to Sacrifice Everything

Step 3. Radical Intolerance for Dissonant Voices

This intolerance begins with stigmatization of those who do not go along with the masses. (Sage ex. “anti-vaxxers”) and leads to cruelty, and then the most diabolical twist, cruelty as ethical duty.

Sweet dreams.