Dr. Robert Malone and Bret Weinstein Frankly Discuss The US Security State and The WHO Pandemic Treaty

Good back and forth here on the Global Security State, its US Deep State roots and how it all ties directly into The WHO Treaty's potential surrender of freedom and rights


Well they never say, “Great Reset”, but that’s exactly what they are talking about.

Malone is doing good work on this front. Respect.

He says the “Emergency” WHO Pandemic powers are being proposed by the US Health and Human Services. The US Bureaucratic and Intelligence State is the one doing the bidding here, which is what I suspected, see thread below.

So for you following along at home:

The US Security State and our 40-year Swamp Rat Anthony Fauci fund the bioweapons, release them, and now propose that we punt power to The WHO who they own along with Gates, WEF, and Co.

All so a few rich people can topple the economy, cull the herd, and get the slaves on digital ID passport with surveillance and punishment for wrongthink.

The Coup already happened and they are going to use the Biomedical Security State to rule over you, Useless Eater Domestic Terrorist US citizen.

Which is why:

The Empire Mall Cop and its WEF Global Oligarch pals have now turned inwards and will now focus its power hungry madness on you.

“The Vaccine is coming from inside the house.”

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