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Experts Agree CLF is Treatable

Nothing about this Scene Plays as Written


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"The second shot almost did me in. As in I almost died."
GabeReal On a side note, my 10 y.o. nephew (he’s in N.H.) called me today asking if I could donate to his his school fundraiser. It’s for children with heart disease! Of course I will send some money, but my heart sinks seeing how all this is becoming normalized and institutionalized…
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Spicy Chimi Takes:

  • Dr. Malone does not seem like a person that was done in and almost died weeks earlier from the same collection of herd culling experimental gene injections that Steve is animatedly describing.

  • Malone’s affect is near catatonic.

  • Experts agree that Chronic Lusitano Fatigue is treatable.

  • Steve seems legit in his anxiety and awaren…

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