Fired RN Tawny Buettner Calls Out San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher

All this on bad science and motivated bureaucracy. Set the Incentive Structures and watch the Nathan Fletchers of the Entire World scurry like rats


Full video of a San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting here, cued to Tawny’s testimony. (Could have just linked this but oh well.)

Here is Kirsch interviewing Tawny in January. Good job, Steve.

So many lives wrecked.

For what?

Much of the world is dead to me.

Here is Nathan Fletcher, who she is addressing, by the way.

Some blood is on our boy Nate’s hands.

From pushing experimental drugs into people.

They got it wrong. They went all in on an Exploding Gas Tank Pinto.

Think he will ever admit it?

At some point…will he reckon with himself?