Geert Vanden Bossche: "Did People Really Think That This Would Be Simple?"

Notorious GVB is not Bothering to Conceal His Contempt For the Political Scientists


On vaccinating children for COVID:

This is from a public health viewpoint, a disaster.

Geert Vanden Bossche

So Del Bigtree let GVB go deep into the science of the current state of the coronavirus.

Turned him loose.

Not for the Etch a Sketch crew (me). But for the scientists.

This is #2 on my attempts to cover this interview.

This second section is so far above my head that I humbly cannot do it justice.

Here’s what I can tell you.

This guy is pissed off. He is tormented.

And really really freaking smart.

I told this anecdote to Bella Laffs on the last Geert post.

Back in the day, I tweeted GVB’s warning video about mass vaxxing into an active pandemic on Dr. Robert Malone’s Twitter page.

Malone liked the tweet, and retweeted it, with his own message: (paraphrase) “Watch this video. I used to work with this guy at Solvay”.

Every time I’ve seen a panel of experts, and Geert is on it…nobody fucks with him.

They defer to him. They reference what he says when they speak.

Given that what he predicted has largely come to pass, and given that he was ignored…he must be frustrated. There are other moments in this interview where GVB almost sneers in contempt, particularly with regard to Paul Offit.

I could cut highlights of those moments, but that almost feels too cheap.

It’s clear that he hasn’t stopped trying to sound the alarm.

I’m going to do one more post on Geert. He may see the train coming. Or he may be mistaken.

He’s worth listening to.