Geert Vanden Bossche: "Nature Will Re-Establish the Equilibrium"

"This (mass vaxxing) experiment is completely unprecedented. It is massive...The damage will also be massive."


So for those of you who don’t know how I arrived at my decision to stay a pure blood, it started with watching Geert Vanden Bossche videos a year ago, as the exp. injections were rolled out and aggressively shoved into the populace’s arms.

2021 GVB was a bit more circumspect, a more measured Cassandra back then, even as it was clear that he had great trepidation about this massive experiment and it’s inevitable failure.

His language one year later is not so cautious.

Just some very broad strokes:

200-million Americans, give or take… are *injected.

*not vaccinated.

They are unprepared for the next variant which may not be as mild as Omicron.

ADE, or antibody dependent enhancement, which was warned about…even once upon a time by Anthony Fauci…and the FDA…is real.

We have been lied to and gaslit for over a year by our media, our leaders, and our public health community. The goalposts have moved; the censorship has escalated. All to protect the logic of the Emergency Use Authorization of sham tested, dishonestly marketed exp. gene editing injections.

Those injections have failed on every metric.

And still here we are.

Nature can be a cruel teacher.

Nature doesn’t give a shit about “Warp Speed” or Joe Rogan trying to split the middle as though Science is some kind of political opinion, malleable to our “feelings”.

Virus gonna virus, and Nature gonna Nature.

The population’s (host) “vacuum cleaners”, i.e. the young, vigorous, and the healthy, would normally be the neutralizing forces to clear the virus in a pandemic.

We are still trying to vaccinate them as well.

With the same shitty exp. injections based on a viral variant from TWO YEARS ago.

“Get the jab, get the jab, get the jab, get boosted, stay up to date…”


Still the doubling down, tripling down on this terrible hand continues.


Because our public health officials and much of our populace cannot admit that this was a mistake.

That this massive experiment didn’t work.

Is Geert correct?

That another variant, not so docile, is coming. And that the damage will be massive?

I don’t know. I’m a Shih-Tzu with an Etch a Sketch.

What do you think?

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