Here is the full 5:41 Instagram Damar Hamlin Thank You Video, DH #27

This one addresses some of the questions raised from the Twitter cut

In this full video cut, Damar Hamlin does reference the Monday Night Football incident and thanks his various teams of doctors.

He looks very healthy and seems humble and appreciative.

The video is professionally done.

There are no journalists asking questions, or family present during the presentation.

For the sake of discussion, take it at face value.

We must necessarily go back to the original incident, and start unpacking elements of the narrative along the way.

  1. Was the Cincinnati hospital ward locked down?

  2. How many times was Damar resuscitated?

  3. Did he receive CPR for nine minutes? Does he have any rib bruising, or soreness?

  4. On the night of the incident, was Damar stable in the ambulance as it was held up for his mother to come down from the stands?

  5. Did he know that Miles Sanders and the NFL were going to post his Facetime chat? If he wanted to wait until now to speak up and make a public statement, who persuaded him to live tweet during the game two weeks ago?

  6. The video appears to be professionally done. What production company shot the statement, if any? Who was behind the camera?

  7. Was family invited to be there for this video statement, and perhaps, declined?

  1. Was he purposely concealing his face at the game Sunday? What was the arrangement with CBS Sports as far as how to cover his entrance to the building? Was the camera operator in the press box explicitly instructed not to get shots of his face?

  1. Will Damar Hamlin discuss his vaccination status and undergo the heart tests that Steve Kirsch and others have suggested?

  2. Does he feel that his career may have been cut short from the listed side effects of the experimental vaccines?

  3. Poll the room: