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Here is the Robert Malone Joe Rogan Clip on the Jan. 4, 2020 call from CIA Agent Michael Callahan. The Daily Beast later framed the call as "supposed"and sourced it to Stew Peters

"According to Peters, Callahan called Malone on Jan. 4, 2020—from Wuhan, China," says The Daily Beast article, which includes only one quoted interviewed source: Robert Malone

Alright, this is a redux of a post that I did yesterday, but there is just so much weirdness going on here that it needs another, more detailed, treatment.

Trust me, I have Sherpa fatigue, too.

I kind of cannot believe that I am still doing posts on this guy. 😅 But he is just always there and anytime someone like Bob Malone or Eco Health Alliance *whist…

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