Here is the Root Lie That Was Crammed Down the Throat of the Covidians

Indulging the premise of this lie as some kind of "thought bubble" experiment is folly



Yes I will keep hammering this point.

You engage the lie at the root.

You don’t play theoretical games and think you are going to cleverly outrun the mass formation. Especially when you have mountains of evidence that expose the LIE.

You do not accept the framing, and this is the framing, make no mistake…that led to American Airlines buckling like a chump and mandating the exp. drugs.

This video shows the basis of the mandates.

All of this mind numbing endless, relentless bullshit Gleaming Fraud propaganda…this was the basis for American Airlines forcing Captain Bob Snow to get the injection which led to his cardiac arrest.

This is not complicated to figure out.

This is linear. Easy peasy.

You have a plane almost come down due to an injection injury, and you want to lead off with a thought bubble theoretical discussion based on the ROOT false premise…about pilots tucked away in cockpits and un-injected potential super-spreader flight crews?


All you are doing is cementing the lie that the Covidians already will not abandon.

Video credit to KaneokaTheGreat. Well done, Kaneoka.