"INFERTILITY: A Diabolical Agenda Documentary - Depopulation Agenda 21" Short Clip

Andrew Wakefield Film clip and RFK, Jr. Discussing Bill Gates and WHO Testing the Sterilizing Tetanus Vaccines on a Million Kenyan Women


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And I think the implications of this being a conspiracy to depopulate the planet is not well supported.

Steve Kirsch

Steve is homies with RFK, Jr. and Andrew Wakefield so maybe if he wanted to get to the bottom of the conspiracy, he could discuss it with them.

Just like that conspiracy that the COVID injections are not safe and effective, right?

Worth an exploration.

Turtles All the Way Down and whatnot?

Or offer up a million dollars to have a debate or something.

Is All Cause Mortality up?

Is fertility down?

Is this former Malaysian Prime Minister discussing what he heard from Global Leaders behind closed doors?


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