"Intent", A Mini-Documentary

Starring Dr. Mike Yeadon, Steve Kirsch, Greg Hunter, and James Corbett


Looking ahead from Late 2019.

Did anyone have it on their 2022 Bingo card that we would be discussing whether the elites were rolling out a Biomedical Security Model to murder the world?


And that people would be lining up to go running off the cliff due to Mass Formation #1, and now all the Mass Formation Breakout Variants which are cropping up like weeds?

That aspect of the psy-op that’s taking place is…when you really step back and think about it is stunning.

And really goes to show that essentially they can engineer whatever behavior they want in at least enough of the population, that they can get away with a lot of very dark agendas.

James Corbett


Show of hands on the poll?

Me neither!

I didn’t start out here.

Here is an excerpt from the Dolts Botching Shit post the other day which may perhaps bridge some of the gap between Tip o’ Spear’s focus on how the sausage is getting made Incentive Structure style boots on the ground…to Dr. Mike revealing how the UK Public Health Death Bureaucracy managed to blow through three years of end of life drugs herding Covid patients off the cliff rather than treating them.

If you intend to just get injections in arms to kill. Intent.

You persuade the next layer that it is for the greater good. Means.

The *next layer then implements the policy like good little soldiers. Opportunity.

*This would be the layer that Kirsch is clocking with Incentivized Doctors.

Plausible deniability all the way down. Each layer has an excuse.

That some Dolts Botching Shit at the local drugstore happens?

Doesn’t really matter.

Because you never actually intended to save the world or “end the pandemic.”

Now watch carefully as your Whale Adjacent types wrestle with this and laser in on elements down the flow chart of action.

Elements which give them a plausible way out.