Jimmy Dore: "People didn't even know the Department of Defense is involved in vaccine research." 🕵🏼‍♀️

Stay on the case, Detective Dore. You are getting so close to breaking this thing wide open.



This is part media universe, part WTF post. Part Throwback Friday now Saturday post.

The great tragedy of this segment which I only came across watching Peter Duke and George Webb because I turned Comedian Jimmy Dore over to the Great Sky Fairy Concept many moons ago, but I digress, the great tragedy of this segment is that RFK, Jr. tried to Red Pill Dore that this was bigger than Fauci, but Dore had his “Lab Leak, Fauci Bad” narrative already selected and positioned exactly where all of Jimmy Dore’s content is positioned, just outside what his Twitter pals and Hollywood pals are ready to say or hear but nowhere near where the truth seekers left off in the rear view window months ago.

That was a run on sentence.

We were getting close here, during the summer, a Shih Tzu with an Etch a Sketch and a bunch of smart, curious readers…to sorting it out through looking into the ACTIV partnerships and tracking Katherine Watt’s stuff, and then Brave Sasha came along with the contracts, and blew the lid off the case.

Step aside, Adorable Dog, said Brave Sasha, and there it all was.

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Brave Sasha Dissects how the DOD has Taken Over Big Pharm
Watch now (6 min) | Source video here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/fzXuyIpZA58m/ On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane hosts a 3 part interview with intelligence analyst Sasha Latypova (known from Team Enigma and the Batches/Lots breakthrough) who has documentation to prove that the entire covid plandemic is a DOD operation, planned, owned, funded, and controlled across…
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That was in October, and it was on Jane Ruby and the Stew Peters Network, and that probably activated the Manchurian Candidate fake news filters of many on JBI*1 and yet there it was. A pony.

Sasha took that pony to Redacted and now to RFK (had to have known already), but now RFK is emboldened and is saying the quiet part out loud while Ron Johnson hesitates and pushes back at the regulators and China not being transparent and Jimmy Dore tries stubbornly to frame this as Fauci Bad and appears bewildered that it goes up the chain to the lovable DOD.

So this post is just a follow up to the Taibbi post I guess.

They are all coming around like a big lurching Overton Window glacially moving.

I don’t know.

I just wanted to know what is going on.

I found out that Whitney Webb is better than Greenwald, and that Ryan Cristian is better than Jimmy Dore, and that Peter Duke and George Webb are better than Steve Bannon.

Here is the video source:

George Webb needs a Notorious GVB translator, which Peter tries to do, but good gosh, is he on to some dot connecting that is beyond my comprehension at times.

I do not know what is going with Jimmy Dore except that he is not especially interested in getting all the way across the river, but that only puts him in a big club.

A big negotiating club.

RFK, Jr. is doing good, though. He does not look healthy which concerns me, but maybe he sees his legacy and is seizing the moment.

Sweet Summer Child out.