JJ Couey Soberly Translates Dr. Robert Malone's Winding Explanations for why the DOD Exaggerates the Risks of Emerging Pathogens

What About Bob Tries to Finesse Psy Ops and Plausible Rationales. JJ says, "Hold up."


Source video here:


This discussion goes down around the 1:30:00 mark as JJ replays his interview and presentation on CHD.

I highly suggest that you watch the hour preceding in which Couey lays out an excellent explanation in layperson terms as to how the Ralph Barics of the world do “gain of purity” surgery to create Frankenviruses and create killers; but killers that will burn out quickly when unleashed.

He calls them, “Synthetic Clones”.

Yeah. They are bioweapons.

Pretty sure I got the OG Synthetic Clone and that’s why I got so sick.

And I have long suspected that it was released directly in many cities. Working theory.

The Synthetic Clones then revert back to natural viruses which are not so harmful, per Couey. (Shih Tzu oversimplification, watch the video, 😅)

And all of this dovetails nicely with some of the long theories and discussions that we had on the Yeadon “No New Pathogen” threads.

Walking the Tightrope

So Dr. Robert Malone is still walking the tightrope.

Between “Dark Conspiracy Theory”, and okay, fine, some dubious malicious shit may be going down behind the curtain.

Still saying, “Look at these nasty viruses that people can make in their garage! Ebola and stuff!”

And then admitting that the Influenza Panic campaigns were just to keep the Military Pharm Monster going. Not about the flu.

It’s always about feeding that giant Monster.

The Flu Shot campaigns are being used and exploited to prop up the Monster.

And JJ makes a great point. You might have led with all of this on last year’s Dark Horse Podcast with Bret Weinstein, Bob.

Somewhere in Malone’s endless monologue, which sent the CHD panel into a catatonic state, he refers to WEF and depopulation, and indicates his reluctance to ascribe intent unless it’s written down or publicly stated.

That last step is a big one, I guess.

That last step to who created the real bioweapons: the “vaccines”.

Hint #1: The United States DOD and their Big Pharma “public-private partnership” deputized military puppets.

Hint #2: Nobody wants to go there.

Everybody wants to go about three points down the flow chart and then sees that Giant Monster, and turns back around and locks up in the cul-de-sac of Jabs Bad and drives in a circle uncontrollably.

Gates bad.

WEF bad.

Fauci bad.

Watch how the DOD is avoided. What they did, and are doing.

And it will get turned into a giant Dolts Botching Shit as the horrors pile up.

We just wanted to save you from all of these emerging threats! (that we are still creating).

Did you though?

Did you really?

How many people have you killed now, DOD? With your bioweapon “prototypes”?

You can’t stop, can you? This is the ballgame, isn’t it?

You’ve been planning this for how long now?


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