President Donald Trump, November 13, 2020

This didn't age well, but it might have aged better if Trump had not also signed Executive Order 13887 one year prior


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This video is a companion piece for a post that I am researching right now as to how the fake two party paradigm in the United States is repeatedly exploited to further our Real State’s agendas.

And why President Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13887 in September, 2019 to “promote National Security and Public Health”.

Spoiler alert: It was to grease the wheels of mRNA “vaccines”.

About those Executive Orders, they just keep coming.

No matter who is in charge. (Or not in charge.)

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Does it seem odd to you that no matter which guy you get, the MAGA Guy or the Woke COMMIE, (aka the former DINO Credit Card guy)..that those checks and balances smashing workarounds just keep coming?

Both of these EO’s further the Monster’s agendas.

Just as patiently, over time, the Monster has taken power from a Congress that wants no part of oversight.

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At some point, we have to grapple with this, right?

About where Power in America lies?

The Two Party Paradigm in the US has served as a useful front to appease American citizens through the murder of JFK, through Vietnam, through 9/11 which spawned Endless War on Terror, and all the way through now with COVID-19-Build Back Better, the most audacious Operation yet.

I’ve termed this work Code Switching the Villains and have also tried to explore a fundamental disconnect in logic as to how Power works in America.

Most people if the Villain is switched acknowledge that Power runs outside of the electoral process.

If you truly believe that Power in the United States is captured, and that our elected representatives, up to and including the President, are unable to effect change…then do we not have to at the very least begin to honestly and soberly clock this capture of our government?

How will we ever change this if we remain willfully blinded by the spectacle?

Previously I did a Week of Trump which turned into a monumental shit show as MAGA loyalists were frustrated and aghast that the person that they believed in could have gone along with this Planned Operation due to media or Real State pressures, or lack of savvy.

We know that per The Real Anthony Fauci, RFK, Jr. was consulted about a role in the Trump Administration.

That did not happen.

Along with some Hero Ball shoot the messenger stuff, I did clock various Trump theories of kompromat (resonant), gullibility (if so, that explodes the Art of the Deal savvy tycoon trope, yeah?), and some who assert that Trump was full on complicit.

I don’t know. I don’t claim to know.

What I do know is that Trump is deriding then NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for not trusting the vaccines, just as he would go on to deride Demented Biden and Kamala as “anti-science” when they expressed doubts as well.

Then Biden is installed, and all the pro wrestlers ran back in the dressing room and switched jerseys, and with the same Herd Culling Experimental Injections on the table…Biden and Kamala and the WEF Democratic Party all swore allegiance to the Holy mRNA Toxic Drugs.

Nothing matters. Nothing matters.

Do you want to get out of this, fam?

You are going to have to look at some things directly.

In my opinion, this is one of those things. Deciphering where the Power lies, and making no apologies or pretense about how it is exercised.

Code Switching the Villains also refers to the intra-agency squabbles and the finger pointing between DTRA and DARPA and the FDA and the CDC and the NIH and HHS and so forth.

And I’ve come to realize that an international variant of CSV is almost certainly how China fits into the Global Operation. Same process, different scale.

But as Brave Sasha observed a long time ago, “I knew there was a Central Command.”


Happy New Year’s Day, errryyybooddy.

Yeah, we work on holidays up in here.