Sasha Latypova: "All of this comes from being able to declare public health emergency...based on absolutely nothing."

A good working metric moving forwards: Does your Anointed Leader or Hero wish to preserve the ability for the State to seize power and your liberty based on a public health pretext?


Sasha and Katherine were on this a full year ago.

And here we are.

Still circling the same Jabs Bad Island, never tracking back to the Elites and the DOD.

Behind every single corner, the Central Command.

They cannot reckon with what you saw in this video. They are all revealed and exposed. The all went along. Build Back Better. We are at war.

They want power over you. They want to surveil you. They want a lot of you gone, dead, out of here.

They want you to stop popping out kids.

Murdering the world is hard.

Recall that in Aussie, people were separated from their families for suspicion of consorting with a virus.


Still guilty. Come with us.

This is the Op.

This is the ballgame.

The mass formation cheered.

The Biomedical Security Model of Fascism is key.

I do not want you to forget what happened. If you are new, I’m spinning the same posts out again and again.

This is the War on Terror framed as The War on Germs, which the DOD and all those ice cubed scientists are hell bent on creating.

And they sorted out that this War on Germs would be a good way to turn you into a slave.

Because frightened people go along.

And experts and doctors and hospitals go along.

The experimental injections were the key and for some reason, Remdesivir, was also a rigged conclusion. Midazolam in the UK. Hospital protocols.

Rampant, rampant cruelty. Cruelty as ethical duty.

They went and did it. They went Cull the Herd…slowly.

Due Diligence and Art
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I’m worn out, so apologies if I don’t hang out in the comments on this one.

It’s the same story.

How many different ways can Tier One and Tier Two keep going and avoiding this same story?

A lot, I guess.

Drives me crazy.

If you wanted to know, you could have known a long time ago.

Maybe we’ll have some more Ron Johnson hearings or some more Brussels summits or Breaking News, Jabs Bad and Cause Cancer! forever.