Sasha Latypova and Dr. Jane Ruby Discuss ACTIV and "Public-Private Partnerships" Consolidating the Defense Dept. and Big Pharm

"...that should be keyword for we took over this industry and we're continuing the bioterrorism and we follow no rules and there's no regulation that applies to us..."


I had sort of figured much of this out.

That the Defense Dept. was ruling the roost and instructing the Vaccine Manufacturers on how to prepare the bioweapons vaccines on this thread:

It’s the only thing that made sense as to how “something awful is happening” in Summer, 2020, per Dr. Mike Yeadon.

How else could this all have been coordinated? Someone was communicating to all the companies.

And all the vax-makers knew to use the Spike Protein, etc.

But it’s nice to see Brave Sasha confirm my hypothesis in the last video here:

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Brave Sasha Dissects how the DOD has Taken Over Big Pharm
Watch now (6 min) | Source video here: On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane hosts a 3 part interview with intelligence analyst…
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This video has to do with the various Acronym Agencies set up to allow the DOD to take over Big Pharm and deputize the whole damn industry as Bioweapon Manufacturers.

And then make the whole wide world the Lab Rat Test Group.

Watch ‘em squirm!

With all of your Gleaming Talking Media Heads and Favorite Hero Ball Presidents pushing the injections hard.

Guess Pfizer wasn’t lying when they said that the Gub’mint made them do it in the Brook Jackson trial.

Never can get to the one.

But we have gotten to the one.

Now, let’s wait for Good Evening Tucker Carlson to broadcast it all out there!


And wait for Sen. Ron Johnson and Sen. Rand Paul to form a coalition and get down to some investigatin’!

Go get ‘em! Chaaaaarrrrggggeeee. 🐴

Source video here. May have one more video from this interview tomorrow.

Thanks, all. Appreciate you very much.