Sasha Latypova: "So this is a (US) military action, military program...that has suspended all safety rules and regulations everywhere in the world effectively."

Pharmaceutical Veteran Blows the Whistle on the evidence of collusion between industry, global regulatory agencies, and the US Department of Defense


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Testimony is from Sept. 30, 2022 at the now Reiner Fuellmich-less Corona Committee. 😮

I first learned of Sasha Latypova from Katherine Watt’s Substack.

Ms. Latypova is a longtime pharm industry and regulatory veteran, and much like former Pfizer exec turned whistleblower Dr. Mike Yeadon, was out of the game when the Injection-19 Operation was launched.

And immediately knew that something was gravely wrong.

Also like Dr. Mike, Sasha doesn’t parse her words and try to walk a tightrope and laser point away from awkward realities. She shoots straight down the middle with lacerating clarity.

She was a participant in the conversation linked below as well, although my clip was focused on Warner Mendenhall.

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Pfizer/Ventavia whistleblower and litigant Brook Jackson’s attorney, Warner Mendenhall, also discussed the US Military’s intense collaboration with Pfizer.

I’ll just keep pointing this out: stopping this Operation without full transparency of the US Department of Defense and all of its DARPA/BARDA/DTRA etc. offshoots…and the Wondertwin Powers US Intelligence Community and the usurped “public health” agencies…is doomed.

This is the giant elephant in the room problem and attempts to nip around the edges is not gonna git ‘er done, says here.

Using “public health” as a ruse to assert global fascism and power, (and cull the herd) has long been planned.

Nothing on this audacious a scale happens without the global superpower being in on it.

I will have some more clips of Sasha later today.