Team Reality: A Mini-Documentary, Ep. 2

Worshiping The God of the Vaccine


If you somehow find yourself getting diverted into the incoming and ongoing Blame Game of Gleaming Elite People who give nary a fuck about you and will push you and your children and your grandmother right off the cliff, then take a moment at least in the privacy of your own heart.

It is clear that a whole bunch of people were unable or unwilling to sort out some stuff that many of us sorted out over a year ago. But then again, it was abundantly clear last year if you were genuinely curious and seeking.

As Igor Chudov pointed out in his pinned post, the un-injected and the “skeptics”, Team Reality…were the true critical thinkers.

Igor’s Newsletter
Vaccine Skeptics are the True Critical Thinkers
This post is the first in my future series, on how governments and shady non-governmental players psychologically manipulated us during the Covid-19 crisis. In this series, I will highlight various dirty tricks and explain why most people fell for them, one per post…
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I appreciate all the comments and the likes and the shares, etc. You all help me think and see things that no way could I see on my own.

Thanks everyone, and I hope you are enjoying the content.