The Banality of Evil in :90




So today, the ACIP panel voted unanimously 15-0 for the CDC to recommend that children get the COVID-19 “vaccines and boosters.”

The actual vote to add this experimental COVID-19 mRNA injection to the childhood vaccination schedule is tomorrow.

Important to recognize that this is a work-around because Congress is not funding more jabs into arms. If this product is put on the childhood schedule, Congress does not have a say in the funding. Furthermore, if the EUA vanishes, then the liability of the companies would continue under the childhood schedule. This is corruption.

I honestly didn’t think the ACIP would “go there.” For one, this is still an unlicensed product. I am still not sure a EUA vaccine product can be added to the schedule. I don’t believe it has ever been done before.

It’s a real shock that the ACIP went there!



More Oceans…

Several more oceans…

One more ocean…

17-more oceans…




Don’t panic…. yet. This is NOT the main event.

That may happen tomorrow when they may vote to add these vaccines to the childhood vaccination schedule which would make the vaccines mandatory in many states.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode!

Do you feel that nagging anxiety in your gut?

About tomorrow’s episode.

If they table it, or if it gets denied in an 8-7, or 9-6 vote, will you relax?

I think they are going to keep going.

Do you?

No matter the results of tomorrow’s vote.

I think this is the ballgame.

Biomedical Emergency Security model.

Global parameters.

All of those years creating the bioweapons.

All of those years doing the gene editing experiments.

For “health”.

All of those true believer scientists.


The Operation continues apace.

Yesterday we covered the ongoing Bioweapon Development courtesy of the Oppenheimers at Boston University.

Today, the CDC votes unanimously to continue along with the incremental steps towards the Gene Editing Experiment and Herd Cull.

In her report for The New Yorker, and later published in her 1963 book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, Arendt expressed how disturbed she was by Eichmann — but for reasons that might not be expected.

Far from the monster she thought he’d be, Eichmann was instead a rather bland, “terrifyingly normal” bureaucrat. He carried out his murderous role with calm efficiency not due to an abhorrent, warped mindset, but because he’d absorbed the principles of the Nazi regime so unquestionably, he simply wanted to further his career and climb its ladders of power.

Eichmann embodied “the dilemma between the unspeakable horror of the deeds and the undeniable ludicrousness of the man who perpetrated them.” His actions were defined not so much by thought, but by the absence of thought — convincing Arendt of the “banality of evil.”

Evil is not monstrous; it takes place under the guise of 'normality'

The “banality of evil” is the idea that evil does not have the Satan-like, villainous appearance we might typically associate it with. Rather, evil is perpetuated when immoral principles become normalized over time by unthinking people. Evil becomes commonplace; it becomes the everyday. Ordinary people — going about their everyday lives — become complicit actors in systems that perpetuate evil.

This idea is best understood within the context of how Arendt viewed our relationship to the world. We live and think not in isolation, Arendt argues, but in an interconnected web of social and cultural relations — a framework of shared languages, behaviors, and conventions that we are conditioned by every single day.

This web of social and cultural relations is so all-encompassing in shaping our thought and behavior we are barely conscious of it. It only becomes noticeable when something or someone doesn’t conform to it.

“Dark Conspiracy Theory” Sage Hana

They want to kill the children and maim them with Emergency Use Gene Editing Drugs.

So they can unlock the human genome and create a drugged up Slave Planet of survivors.

The CDC people that Steve and others discuss are not that complex.

They are paid to do a job, like a Drone Bomber blasting civilians, and they are doing it.

They may seem like nice people. True Believers. People tell themselves a lot of things to do heinous things.

You can spend all day analyzing them. They are moving forwards with the Operation.

Just like the nice Scientists at BU.

Nice people do hideous things.

Person Who Has Maintained a Sense of Right and Wrong:

I am completely sick to my stomach. This is the worst form of evil I have ever witnessed in my 51 years on this earth. When you mess with our children, there is no going back. How did we get here this fast? Although I believe with all my heart that one must keep fighting for truth, it's truly draining, both emotionally and physically and that's what they want. For us to just give up. Well, screw them!!!

How did we get here?

“Dark Conspiracy Theory” Sage Hana

We got here b/c a whole bunch of people wanted "normal" and couldn't imagine Human Evil.

The "normies" didn't want to live in a world that had Evil, so they didn't.

And here we are.

Incentive Structures are a helluva drug.

And some very awful people sorted out how to use them.

And some plausibly very nice people told themselves a story, and then lied to themselves when the story blew up.

And some more very very nice people just didn’t want to live in that world; people who profess to be historians, even…drilled in on some distinction…so as not to see.

Midwit Historian Denial. Rated G for Genocide.

Worst movie ever.