The Maui Doctrine Demanding Radical Transparency of a WEFFIE Military Operation Has Not Been Written or Signed

Paging any Independent Thought Leaders in Maui. Seems like a National Guard/WEFFIE Police Force is Assuming Control of the Island and of Information. Can you do some of that Thought Leader stuff?


Alrighty, one more for today.

The Maui cops and their new National Guard buddies and some new friends are busy putting the kibosh on free press inquiry.

No problem.

We have some bold and strong new leadership in the works and…


Gonna set things right, and…Daddy will be back for dinner soon…just left to go to the store and…heal the divide.

Crypto has a story like Mother Earth.

::stares out window::

Hawaii Real Estate YouTube Channel here.

The Black Suburbans and Normies are on the prowl once again here at SH.Stack and how did you all find this place again?

Wear your welding goggles to protect your eyes, as sometimes that glow can be harsh.

welding glasses

*edit to add: The fence and National Guard chilling of inquiry is at the end of this video.

Eric West of the above YT also discussed the inability to internet and has a mobile Starlink in the back of his truck or something.