The Nature of the Beast

You. Right now.

Boosting Chris Martensen.

Per usual I will point out that this is not over, but I appreciate if one wants to take a victory lap.

I estimated a couple of weeks ago that we are in the third inning.

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They lied to you. They lied to you uncontrollably. For most of the upper crust rich dude and dudette set, I predict that we are going to see a “dolts botching shit” focus on CDC and a reluctance to follow the Incentive Structures all the way up the chain to the truly nightmarish sinister part.

But maybe not.

Yes, there was absolutely corruption, and you are right to point that out.

It goes well beyond corruption.

I understand what happened now a lot better.

I don’t know exactly how it was communicated to a few key people.

I don’t know exactly how China fits in.

But there are things I definitely do grasp way better now.

Doctors are not on the case.

Science journals are not on the case.

I most definitely understood the nature of doctors and the science “community” now much better.

I got that part pretty quickly over the course of about two weeks analyzing the content of an injected scientist who had jetted off to NYC and was first in line to get the injections.

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Why The Healthcare Community Was Targeted for the Exp. Injections First
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There is something about medicine and health that just destroys people’s brains.

A quote from Dr. Peter:

Aug 10Author

Dr Peter McCullough: "96% of doctors took them and then later on they learned about the risks of neurological damage, blood clots, myocarditis. So they feel since they took the risk, their patients should bear that risk too. Its a form of fear-driven disordered thinking. Patients should probe them"

I want you to really consider the ramifications of that quote.

Now, as I like to do, let’s take it and pull those ramifications out and place them in ANY other context:

Aug 11Author

Steve, let's just take this logic and put it in any other field.

"So the pilots were willing to fly the plane that wasn't safety checked, and now they find out that the wings are Super Glued on and feel like it's okay to fly 300-passengers. So...probe your pilot about the wings!"

Ridiculous, right?

I ALREADY had the owned media sorted out, but I didn’t quite understand how people like Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi would buckle like someone hit them in the knees with a bat.

Aspects of that I still simply do not understand.

And I’m sad to say that the waves of Evil are now beginning to crash up on the shores of some. I find no pleasure in that. Something happens when you put the drugs in the body. Don’t you want to know? I asked.

No. They didn’t want to know.

Jimmy Dore said as much. No, he did not want to know.

I ALREADY understand how Banality of Evil people like Ryan Grim and Ken Klippenstein and Krystal Ball were going to dumbly stare at the abyss and reveal their roots.

So what do I see next?

“Safe and effective”>”Hero Ball”>”Dolts Botching Shit”>”Kumbaya”

The Mass Formation OG escape route, “This (the Magical Vaccine) is the way out”, has and will continue to produce Breakout Variants as listed above.

It’s harder to deal with major injuries than it is minor injuries, as Celia pointed out.

No one wants to live in this world where nice people participate in very not nice things.

Because it sort of destroys how we see ourselves.

The Monster must live within us, then?

It does. It does.

And The Monster may express with good people doing just SLIGHTLY not good things.

We all do slightly not good things. And some do see this, and thus need to explain that awkward reality away, using someone else as a proxy for how they see themselves responding in that situation.

Malone: “Good family people who like that security”. RE: FDA

“That’s called a JOB.”

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"Mother(*bleep*), that's called a JOB!"
Incentive Structures are a helluva drug. The mind numbing banal simplicity of just paying people to conduct evil game plans day after day may be hard for people to fully grasp, and this inability to grasp may be a warning sign of a Mass Formation Breakout Variant…
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We really just want to believe that if we can isolate the virus baddies, then we can all get back to normal and believe in the inherent goodness of the human animal.

Not sure about that.

Don’t turn your back on the tiger and try to run away. Instinct takes over.

Don’t think that you, the Frog can put the Scorpion on your back to give him a lift across the river, and he won’t plunge his stinger into you and you will both drown.

Protect yourself at all times.

The referee will not step in to stop the fight.

In any kind of sane and sober world, Katherine Watt’s work detailing how long this has been in the planning would be plastered all over Matt Taibbi’s board, or better, 60-Minutes.

We don’t live in that world.