The Two Alexes

The Joker Alex Berenson and Alex Jones each followed the Truth into an extremely disparate collection of Seekers. On the other "side", the Gleaming Talking Heads aligned into Planet Blue Pill.

Plastic Tree walks with Cell Phone


😅 This guy actually thinks he is starring in a reality TV show, which is not surprising because we elected a reality TV show President and that was in response to the Security State Presidents that we kept getting and when you fall for hopeful rhetoric and we do because America makes heroes out of their pols because we watch too much freaking West Wing and Hollywood is captured by the Intelligence Propaganda Community and so is Big Tech but don’t be surprised if Reality TV Show Plastic Tree crows about the people that they saved and talks on cell phone on book and Scarf Lady admits that she knew the injections were a dog but Larry Kudlow didn’t get the memo and thinks the “save the country” angle is the right way to play this in AUGUST, 2022.

That run on sentence was brought to you by Pfizer.

Look at that book cover.

How long do you think that photo shoot went on?

What type of goodies do you think were on the craft services table?

I wonder if they had filet mignon at lunch and if Jared went to his trailer and looked in the mirror and said, “I’m a Plastic Tree.”

Photographer: “Okay, Jared, let’s do it again, and this time look just off camera here, perfect…slight smile…great….love it baby…exactly…like you know that it’s a genocide…perfect…

Quick shout out to Ryan Gardner for the “Plastic Tree” Kushner moniker.

Magnifique, RG!


I’m struck by what a strange collection of Truth Seekers that ended up herded like cats into a contentious cage. People who would heretofore never be on the same “side”.

Kirsch, Alex Jones, The Joker, Stew Peters, Bannon, Naomi Wolf, Dan Bongino, Yeadon, GVB, Wayne Root, Del Bigtree, RFK, Jr., Ron Johnson, Alex Berenson, David Martin, Robert Malone, McCullough…and on and on.

Meanwhile on the other “side” Gleaming Talking Heads, Dolts and Bureaucrats, and Presidents of every fake team jersey color…cannot and will not simply admit that they were wrong.

That they are wrong.

They are dead fucking wrong. Literally.

And they are willing to murder you to hide this reality.

Think about that.

Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Rochelle Walensky, Jared Kushner, Larry Kudlow, Rachel Maddow, Krystal Ball, Gavin Newsome, Don Lemon, Brian Kilmeade, Neal Cavuto, Dr. Sanjay Douchebag all just cannot get over the fact that the shots are killers.

And some very malevolent people behind the curtain probably laughing their ass off as their Twitter and the US Government minions, and Facebook and Google and Zuckerberg and Ralph Baric and DARPA and BARDA and Azar and Frances Collins and HHS all wring their hands to stop the Truth from spreading.