Then and Now

Thank you Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi for getting out in front of this.


The signals were there pretty early.

The snazzy new Ford Pinto may have an Exploding Gas Tank.

Shhhhhhh…safe and effective.

This Dr. Peter McCullough source video was extremely significant in my research.

He debunked the Pfizer study and the misuse of stats.

He outlined the safety signals.

He’s a practicing physician. He was seeing what was happening.

Another force of nature in my journey was Notorious GVB. I watched multiple Geert Vanden Bossche videos over and over about the folly of mass vaxxing into the middle of a pandemic.

I didn’t even hear of Dr. Mike Yeadon until way later on!

I tried to not cut this thing too manipulatively. It’s just interesting to me. How this all happened.

I will confess.

I have no particular regard for those who arrive late because their dad died or something, and are still negotiating a path that they can walk back.

Great, Respected TV Expert, and thank you for closing the barn after the horse is in Birmingham starting a new life as an actuary and is JR VP in Charge of Dead People.

You can stop bargaining any time.

Unpopular not very Kumbaya opinion on my part, I’m sure.

Just remember. A lot of people were willing to push you off the cliff so they could still be in their particular club.

You don’t have to revile them. Nobody gets off this rock pure.

But you certainly don’t have to apologize for them on your way down.