This is Exactly What a War Criminal Sounds Like Before the Bloodshed Begins

"So now the Artificial Intelligence Revolution is beginning to create the useless class."


Yes, we are living in a bad James Bond movie.

Yes Yuval Harari is a cartoon mock up of Evil Incarnate.

If you wrote this guy as part of a script, the movie would be read as a comedy.

He is very real, though, and much like all of these WEF Diabolical Clowns, he is telling you exactly what he thinks and explaining why they are going to do what they are going to (try to) do.

Evil is real.

This is exactly what it sounds like.

Where human evil gets really complicated is how it sounds, or doesn’t sound…down the chain of the “good” Gleaming Talking Heads, or those who fiddle while Transhuman World burns.

Remember this guy when the fighting is done.

He must be held accountable.