Tucker Carlson's Banned on YouTube Discussion of Biden, COVID, and the Injections, 7-21-22

Unintended Consequence Begin to Present


Is Tucker going rogue?

Heuristic: Is he fired? No?

No, TC is not going rogue.

Is Fox News going rogue?


If they are, then they better be prepared to go all the way with this.

Including acknowledging that they took Biden Administration cash to push the jabs.

You can’t really go halfway with this shit.

It is possible that this is coordinated to get rid of Biden and make him the Fall Guy as the Injection narratives have unraveled and all the jabs are in that will be in.

Biden, to my eyes, looks like a Dead Man Walking, and you can take that on a few different levels…including literally.

You’ll know this is a *work if the discussion lasers in on Demented Guy and never works its way to Gates, WEF, Klaus, and importantly…Gain of Function and the Intelligence Community.

*pro wrestling term…scripted, an op

Would love to see the FDA and the CDC get investigated and sing like mob rats.

For those of you who were here at the beginning of this Stack.

I cannot help but wonder if Glenn Greenwald’s head is about to explode. Now his pal, Tucker is ripping the Band Aid off and saying (at least part of) the quiet part out loud.

Was Greenwald planning on avoiding this forever? Will he still try?

Is it “safe” for him to emerge…"hello, fellow kids”.

More videos incoming.