Why The Healthcare Community Was Targeted for the Exp. Injections First

"If they hadn't have got the healthcare workers on board...nobody else is gonna take this experiment."


Fascinating psychological analysis from a former Aussie ER Nurse and American Dr. Peter McCullough, both arriving at the same conclusion in wholly separate venues.

Last summer, I listened to an American doctor and scientist on a podcast discuss how she got the exp. injection.

“Well I haven’t grown a tail yet!” she cracked.

But I could hear nervousness in her voice. And then she proceeded to push the drugs hard and in some ways that I already knew by then were false.

What Doc McCullough is saying here is legit.

This is very similar to “hazing” logic in frats and the military.

Get psychological buy-in through behavior and the mind follows.

The self help phrase for this is “act your way into new thinking”.

Right off the cliff.

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