Dr. David Martin: "This is Premeditated Global Terrorism"

Think Dr. David Receipts will be a guest on Breaking Points or Rising any time soon?


Dr. David Martin has receipts a plenty.

Nobody wants to touch him.

If Corporate Media represents a rapidly shrinking field of acceptable curated topics between the 40-yard lines?

This guy is hanging out at the 10. Waving papers.

Imagine if Joe Rogan trotted this guy out for three hours.

If you thought Megyn Kelly looked freaked out when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discussed Bill Gates’s Kenyan women sterilization experimentation, imagine Dr. David Martin going in detail, receipt after receipt, on the Sanjay Rogan Experience…(*which would then not be the SRE but would revert back to the Joe Rogan Experience!)

Joe Rogan and David Martin would probably both be assassinated before the podcast even wrapped.

If Plucky Kim Iversen truly believes that The Hill and Rising just “tell the news”, why not bring this guy, Dr. David Receipts, on for a segment?

Seems kind of important, what he is saying. Tell the news!

Let him produce his materials.

In this Canadian Zoom call, Dr. Martin discusses Anthony Fauci and University of North Carolina’s Ralph Baric. Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance.

He discusses their Canadian equivalents, Thomas Madden, Pieter Cullis, Ian McLaughlin.

…the highly effective COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Excuse me for a minute.


Sorry. Excuse me, one more second, and ….



Okay, let’s resume.

Now is the time, Indie Journos. Actually, about six months ago or nine months ago would have been okay, too. Better.

Final thought.

Just remember. The WHO Treaty and all that National Sovereignty stuff. Signing away the world when these criminals drop the next bioweapon?

The US Gov’t. is not a victim, says here.

The US Gov’t. which is now openly run by Napoleon the Pig, our Security State is the one who knocks. (Breaking Bad reference).

What happens in the United States judiciary may be the thread that saves the world from Klaus and Bill and Black Rock and WEF and whichever members of DARPA and the Intelligence Community that went rogue like never before. And that’s saying something for these criminals.

The WHO is not out there punking America. Ridiculous.

The WHO is a puppet. This is the orchestration of some power hungry people in conjunction with some other power hungry people.

Nobody is “sneaking up” on Napoleon the Pig.

And we all know that when the United States doesn’t want to observe a treaty that they don’t like…international law or not…they just don’t.

This is not Biden, although he is for sure complicit and dutiful.

But Biden didn’t come up with this. The man is completely demented. I don’t even know how they keep this corpse in an upright position and speaking remotely lucidly.

And remember that Donald approved Gain of Function and pushed the Warp Speed bioweapons, long in the works. Donald strangely kept Lurking Criminal Anthony Fauci who is DEAD CENTER in ALL OF THIS, around.

Donald didn’t come up with this either, though. No way.

This is The Blob and the WEF.

Not expecting the line in the sand to happen in Kanada. But who knows?

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