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Wow! Dowd must have read your article from June 3 ~ 😉

I like Dowd. He was on War Room this morning discussing the excess mortality data which coincidentally increases with vaccine introduction/uptake.

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He said earlier 25 -44 year olds since vaxxines rolled out 62,000 dead ! That’s nearly equal the 58,000 dead from Vietnam. These acturial

Statistics are heartbreaking 💔

This must stop 🛑 yesterday he screams

I have one son who will survive this!


Hoping to get lucky 🍀 statistics do not


Safe effective the end get a rope

I’ll get a pen

One can only hope

My dearest friend

That if we shake the cages

Challenge the status quo

That this history will be in pages

Carved in stone on paper and soul

I can not believe just how sadly this is

For the young to be writing obituaries

No parent ought to see live this

But here we are

And Justice will be served in this life or the


I want to see it so I can finally breathe

My peaceful fierce breath.

May God inspire us onward to finish

What’s left

I am waking everyday on fire

People I drive are awake challenging their

Doctors imagine that

The white coat mystique has ended fact

Of course I support their efforts with info

And try to keep my wild man restrained

Got to be diplomatic

But heart on digital I can be me

No mercy

Until we are free of all tyranny

Amen ok one more drink

And off to unthink

The desert offers solitude

Serenity space

No gadgets

No tethers

Full Moon Pisces 9/9 she howls

Dowd is on it

Things are happening fast

Popcorn ?

A glass ?

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If I were a rich man I'd subscribe - actually I'd buy you a table saw. You seem like the kind of person that could use a table saw.

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Hillary definitely needs a couple dozen multivalent booster injections to settle that cackly noise she’s making.

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Dowd is spot on everything except on "Washington DC gained power over Wall Street". Washington DC is not an independent agent; it works for people who own everything. Now, it may appear to elements on Wall Street that "Washington DC" is going after them as an independent power but there is no such independence. “Washington DC" works for the higher level fish. Dowd claims this soon after saying "nobody went to jail"! That simply would not have happened if "Washington DC" had independent agency serving the "country" or the "people".

What is confusing to us is the idea that ours is still a constitutional republic, however imperfect it was. Republic no longer exists; Empire (of usurers) slowly took over after WWII. It created Deep State structures through which it rules directly. It left the old republic’s institutions seemingly intact, but that is only a facade, a sort of Potemkin Village. Empire did this to fool us into believing there still is a Constitutional framework to act through. That is an illusion. "Washington DC" has been totally captured. Politicians are clown puppets while key bureaucratic positions are held by technocratic servants. As long as they serve they stay; the minute they begin to believe in their own agency, their days are numbered.

What is happening now is full of paradoxes when looked from our perspective, but we must learn to look at it from Owners’ perspective. This criminal system is coming to an end and a new system must arise. Most everything that is happening can be explained by one overarching aim operating across all our systems. Criminals who own this system wish to retain their controlling power! They are willing to slash, burn, rape, pillage, blackmail, and murder you in order to remain in power. Profits, money, and the rest are of secondary importance. Retaining power is preeminent!

It is extremely important to grasp that the Empire is the continuation of the rule of people behind the British Empire. British Empire was never owned by British people. Owners had exhausted Great Britain, and latched onto the new power of the USA. It has destroyed the US in the same exact way. Now is the time for another switcharoo and it is time to do the same to China. Just like the US in the past, China has independent elements and the imperial Fifth Column. Empire wishes for the Fifth Column to succeed so that they can flip China the way they’ve flipped the US. Empire does not care if China retains its communist facade, no more than than it cared about the US keeping its Republic’s facade.

What we are witnessing now is a dance of threats of war on one hand and the deliberate self-destruction of the West on the other. This will go on until they convince China there is a need for a new, more powerful role for China, but integral to the deal is that Owners of the West, can retain their power. Will this work? I don’t know but it is clear to me this is their desire.

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I listened to the Jerm Warfare Ed Dowd piece earlier today. Between you and me ...Ed D has it ALL going on...I have a giant crush on him!

But beside that, the last few minutes of the podcast were fabulous...we need to all stay mentally, spiritually, physically fit...and we will weather this storm! 💓🙏🏼

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Sage: I just posted on Steve Kirsch's substack, and so will drop this here as well. Occurred to me yesterday as my mom recently passed and we have posted her obituary (of course, in the town she has been living in and thus it will appear in the local newspaper)--this "jumped" into my head. //Steve, posted on another of your posts, and reiterating hoping that this reaches you and those helping you. (If I knew how to do it myself, I would). Ok: It seems to me that obituaries could be tracked in every village, town, and city in the world. Aren't almost all now also online? But even if not, people in each location could be asked (in relatively small towns and villages) to do a count of deaths by age group and gender--and then you and colleagues refine this as to how many times per year (once per month), and then look for correlations. Will there be correlations with the jabs and also uptake of the jabs in those communities? While this seems almost certain, this could be an important way to access death data, in addition to insurance company data. Because: we sure as hell cannot trust the governments around the world at this time to provide reliable (aka true) data.//

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I like your write up that you linked. I think it’s quite accurate!

The only bit I would (softly!) quibble with is that I think the dollar is backed (enforced) by a multi-pronged system that includes things (in order of escalation) like: propaganda, market manipulation, economic sanctions, and if that fails, they bring in the jackals (assassination, coups, false flag ops, etc), then proxy wars, and of course, then the hammer of the military. Of course, as we’ve seen, sometimes, sanctions are thrown in here and there and not necessarily in the above order, and of course, there’s drone strikes and targeted cruise missile strikes short of full out bombing/invasions. And also of course, many of these prongs continue in parallel until they get what they want.

They use this multi-pronged approach because full on military deployment is more intensive to pull off, requiring more time, resources, and public buy-in. And, conveniently, they make a mint soaking tax payers to make the weapons and machinery of war—our economy is fully addicted to war.

So I agree with you that the military is the big hammer, but just to clarify, these things are typically a team effort (scripted from above).

Love yer ‘stack—baller!

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Forgive my ignorance, but what is bundling?

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This is a great video....thanks for posting!!

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I have always thought the reason why the US dollar can't crash is bc the US military backs it and you are one of the only people I have ever seen echo that sentiment!

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I heard it said, flies are dropping like people. Yikes!

I think we all have to address how their spike proteins are a danger to us, and how we will be forced to help care for the damaged people simply because there will not be anyone else left to do so. Lets check in with this in 6 months and a year.

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If anyone here hasn't seen the movie of Martin Armstrong's life (he posts at armstrongeconomics.com) you're missing a big piece of the puzzle. Martin was the highest paid investment advisor in the world, and was attacked after refusing to play with "our crowd" to help rape Russian assets Bill Browder style. He know everybody and all the secrets. They tried to kill him in jail by "mistakenly" putting a paid killer in his solitary cell. He was in coma with multiple broken ribs for a month, but SURVIVED! he served 7 years for "contempt of court" on trumped up charges of not producing assets he never had... and theres' proof the corrupt prosecutors knew he never had them) longest in US history. He was only released when his case hit the Supreme Court docket.

The Wall St crowd stopped all theater distribution in the USA although it played widely in Europe. There are reportedly plans to do an American "thriller" version. He has an annual World Economic Conference that Nigel Farage has called "The antidote to the WEF Davos conference". It is packed by a who's who every year, because they know he works from AI (Socrates is the longest running true AI predictive system in the world) historical cycles, and monetary flows and has no political agenda.

The Spooks gave him a blank check for his system once they realized it forecasted the fall of the ruble and former USSR to the DAY, and had political applications. He refused to sell and was raided, but had installed a kill switch so their loot was all wiped.

I've been in contact with him for decades. He's the real deal.


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He’s been on it!!! Thanks

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Ed Dowd is one of my heroes! Errr... ooops... used the “H” word! 🤣🤣 I’m feeling a little hilarious right now. Shaw abstain from participating any further.

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With the shots there is no US military. I do not say that lightly and I have no love of empire, but I have close relatives there I m scared to lose. But whatever one thinks of the US military, it is being cored out to the point it may no longer be capable of actually defending this country.

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