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We have been trained to reject such reports as lies. But why, why, why, should we distrust this person's report but trust mainstream media's? Those of us whose psyches and intellects are still malleable must retrain ourselves to view every report and every interview through the eyes of an interrogator. (Thank you for your posts and your relentless cynicism.)

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I remember sitting in a hotel breakfast bar and watching news about plane cancellations and delays. And having to explain out of the blue for the first, but not the last, time to a companion that the delays were being caused by a shortage of crew due to jab refusal, but also medical incidents concerning the ones who had taken the shots. It was one of my introductions to living in two parallel worlds at the same time.

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Fascinating guy, this Alan Dana. Very intelligent and he understands the industry, inside and out.

In this interview, he talks about the recent "brain drain" of Australian pilots. Australian pilots are being "poached" by carriers based in other countries.

Many Australian pilots currently work for US airline companies due to a special visa which allows Australian pilots to fly for US carriers.

Specifically: UNVACCINATED pilots.

He describes exactly how, and why the Australian airline industry is tanking, saying it's the only country that he's aware of which is "not back to normal".

He's incorrect.

Canada.is experiencing the very same problems he's outlining, within our airline industry, and for the very same reasons he's describing in this interview.

Have a listen: pretty good stuff. (And you can easily skip ahead through the ads and "Aussie news" portions.)


#TrudeaumustgoNOW 🆘️


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Sounds so obvious when I say it, but this whole poisoning of pilots is a great way to possibly kill even more people. I wonder if pilot jabs were taken from particularly bad vax batches.

Sure glad I rarely fly. And now I’m worried about those I know who do so often for work. Scary.

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Clearly not a good situation, but fortunately there is always a co-pilot, unless he or she has a totally unexpected medical emergency in the same time-span of course...

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What do you guys think we should do in order to force the congress critters to start investigations for accountability?

What if we had 10 million signatures on one document with our demands.

Is that enough? Is it feasible?

Would it make a difference?

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Well, they are killing us off in every other way. What's a few planes falling out of the skies, when a global genocide is on?

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Oh, they TRIED Sage, however working class Brits ("commoners") far out number British Royalty, Political Karens, and the Upper Class.

The straw that broke the British people's suffering backs:

- Pub closures

While Brits were locked down? Boris Johnson et al got caught drinking, partying and traveling...

The common people revolted, restrictions were lifted, Boris quit, and that was the end of THAT. 😁

New Zealand is an isolated island in the middle of nowhere. Australia is an island in the middle of nowhere. Easy to lock them down and excert political tyranny via uniformed jackboots.

I have NO fucking idea how Turdeau is still getting away with his shit.

Perhaps because our land mass is larger than the US, our total population is less than the state of California and most of those people live clustered in our few large, politically Liberal cities.

Think it must also have something to do with the fact that our legacy media is subsidised by the Liberal Canadian government, and we have many more US television station broadcasting in Canada than Canadian ones...

Our media, just like yours, is liberal, and sponsored by Big Pharma.

For the past 6 or so years, well, you know what most Canadians viewers have been subjected to on TV... The very same "news" that Americans have neen subjected to.

In point of fact: My brother-in-law was watching the US elections on TV this evening. Just.like most Canadians were doing.

Q Sage: Do you know a single American who watches Canadian TV? Just wondering... Because I don't.

Lastly: Santa Klaus LOVES Trudeau and Crystia Freeland.

They've been very good children.

Just ask him.

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Dear Lord....I feel like I'm living in a nightmare....and I can't wake up.

All the positive, pure "goodness" that I knew and experienced in childhood has almost completely vanished. What an ugly, corrupt, and evil world it has become

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I have always had a deathly fear of flying, even though I have flown. Had to sedate myself a few days /nights before, during, and then had one or two good days at destination, then nightmares, more sedation, fly back.

I cannot face it now....I am a bad flyer at the best of times. I should be flying to visit my sister for Christmas...I just can't.

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Fie the vaxxxedly skies !


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Yup. Any way you look at it, the powers that be get their way. By continuing to ignore those of us shouting from the skies, the government either gets a plane crash that completely changes the industry with more regulations, it scared off passengers so they stop flying, or only the unvaccinated pilots are left and there’s only enough of us left to fly the corporate assholes that did this. The only way we can prevent this all from going down that grim road is if people start asking their pilots if they’re vaccinated, how to get help, and we test all the pilots for health. We all need to keep calling this out, don’t stop talking about it, and don’t think you can’t make a difference.

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Was there a helium leak @ 5:00 mark?

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Jabbed pilots are in violation of FAA


FAA Vaccine Policy Violates Its Own Rules, Attorneys and Doctors Say


Airline transport pilot wants help after noticing quite a few aircraft accidents lately:



Above is a three page document from pilot’s groups discussing shortage of pilots related to vaxx injury.

Pilot Robert Snow


Air Force to WASTE millions in taxpayer money by discharging trained, experienced, pilots over COVID-19 vaccines – NaturalNews.com


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next step is that the potan flies the plane. they've been working on that in the nyc subway for years "life saving technology" https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/passenger-safety/2798232/

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