Fired for Refusing the Jabs, Qantas Pilot Alan Dana Blows the Whistle on the Rising Incidence of Pilot Incapacitation

"The rate of incapacitation are happening at a rate we have never before seen prior to the rollout of the vaccines."


Source video here:

Welp. The Vaccine Injured Pilot problem didn’t just go away, fam.

Seems like it’s only a matter of time before something spectacularly tragic happens in the skies.

And perhaps we will have people normalizing Sudden Pilot Death Syndrome.

Hope not.

Pay special note to Pilot Dana calling out the United States FAA for breaking their own 12-month rule on allowing pilots to fly after a novel medication.

This is just crazy.

All for a virus/not a virus with a 99.xxxx% survival rate, and the whole world just keeps blissfully going on with this lie of the safe and effective, protective, “vaccine”.

Pretending that there is nothing to see here.


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