Joe Rogan is a Case Study in Caving Under Pressure

At least Megyn Kelly had the stones to have RFK,Jr. on, even if she did bullshit fact check him in post-production. Watch Rogan contort himself into a pretzel and buckle when he was needed the most.


Please don’t give me this bullshit about this being complicated.

This is not complicated. This is linear.

I saw this coming. It came. It went down.

Read my numerous posts or just clock the summary:

Joe Rogan had on The Joker Alex Berenson, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Robert Malone.

All three brought receipts and data and science to the table.

Malone appeared on the last day of December of last year.

Joe Rogan faced some pressure.

Joe Rogan buckled to that pressure.


It’s not money. Rumble offered him the same deal as Spotify, no censorship.

I don’t want to hear about poor Joe Rogan when Naomi Wolf is rocking the truth.

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When fellow multi millionaire Steve Kirsch is rocking the truth.

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Rogan censored himself and curated his content right away from the truth.

Giant Independent Whales like Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi and even the Breaking Talking Points crew Krystal and Saagar fell all over themselves to support Joe. Of course none of them actually supported him by also pursuing the ugly and horrid truth on the exp. Injections as Joe was doing up to that point.

Since then, Joe Rogan welcomed the Spotify Hub into his life, and did NOT platform RFK, Jr., and in fact has steered way clear. When someone like Maajid Nawaz came with the data on the injections, the new “Dr. Sanjay” Rogan pushed back like a good Corporate Spotify Soldier to defend the government.


Say it ain’t so, Joe.

You faced your moment. You were right there.

And you buckled.

Unlike Greenwald and Taibbi, Joe Rogan went there.

Joe Rogan went to the light of truth like a moth to flame.

And then turned around.

I just want to know why. It’s not money. He had the offer from Rumble, no censorship.

Do they have something on him? Some kompromat? They got to him.

Chronology from Yours Truly, and this gives me no pleasure:

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