"Tech clearly has a censorship agenda...and I don't know who these people are..." Joe Rogan

"Joe Rogan wanted to have me on. And he won't have me on." RFK



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Yep, you are right, he went there and then turned around. Look at how many comedians he’s had on since, because that’s what people really need right now (not)...his audience told him they wanted truth then more truth...but he stopped giving it to them. He was even bragging to someone that his numbers went up 2 million during that period...I wonder why Joe?

Family threat is a reasonable theory.

Remember when he had Epstein on who talked about the mysterious death of his wife?

Anyway whichever way you come at it or try to rationalise it...he caved...and the world is worst for it.

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I have no idea Sage. It's a bloody good question though. I was really hoping he would be the everyman's champion of the science as it emerged. Then yes. He stopped. Why? Did Tesla get to him somehow?

I would love to hear Rogan and Steve Kirsch together for example. Steve doesn't hold back or otherwise soften his words. It would most likely be an incredibly entertaining conversation.

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Think about how seemingly innately evil these people are that have control over so many minds. Have you read doctor Paul Alexander’s story about how disgustingly ugly the people who are in charge of the narratives are? His personal experience to me, is utterly amazing and had my mouth hanging open. Here he is with two phones one in each hand, he has the White House telling him one thing and then he has essentially the deep state on the other end threatening him... You must find it on the Substack it was months ago I had read it! It’s like a very crazy movie scene. So whoever these people are and the threats they can make are serious business. he lived it! When can only begin to imagine what they would say to someone like Joe Rogan behind the scenes? Some scary shit.

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I don’t listen to his podcasts anymore. Sagehana I get your point about money but with that money comes OTHER money opportunities and friendships he didn’t want to blow as well as protecting his family. I will give u an example, his wife goes to a cosmetic rejuvenation salon…. She’s no longer welcome. Joe gets his special deer meat from Hawaii at a discount and wants to make sure he’s welcome to it. This is unfortunately the real world to these peeps… this is why Steve Kirsch and Dr. Kory and others are quite remarkable to say the least.

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(Banned)May 30, 2022Liked by Sage Hana

Catherine Austin Fitts talks a bit about control files, those files compiled by the likes of Jeff Epstein, et. al., and used to control important people. We'll never know if some somewhere has such a file on Joe Rogan, but they are effective.

As far as the Rumble deal goes, I'm not sure that Rumble offers the same benefits as Spotify. Spotify started as a music site, as I recall, and perhaps draws a wider or more varied (or more numerous) audience than Rumble does. That may have something to do with it.

Regardless, unless Joe comes clean and tells us why he caved, we're likely never to know.

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May 30, 2022Liked by Sage Hana

I said it before but I honestly believe they threaten people and if you have children - they threaten your children. And I think they (whoever they is) would follow through on their threats.

I believe they murdered Kary Mullis. I think Joe's platform is just too big for them to let him fully go there.

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Check out Dr. Paul Alexander’s substack around April 28 timeline (I was told by high level people...).

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Protect his family. He moved from LA to Austin (he did not move to Nashville).

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Push comes to shove, most of us fail the test of manhood

Most of us aren’t willing to die for the cause

Most are groundless secularists, just spinning on the wind. Dante had them chasing a white flag eternally at the top of hell, the neutrals.

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Jul 24, 2022Liked by Sage Hana

I agree about Rogan. He has been tamed. It is interesting to come across your Substack since I thought that I was alone in this observation; I have not seen it elsewhere. Indeed, I came to my conclusion about Rogan for the same reasons you have, perhaps the most prominent of which (in my case) is his not inviting Bobby Kennedy on his podcast.

I mean: Come on! If you want to pretend to be this voice of truth, this taker on of The Narrative, then how do you not invite on the guy who writes the #1 selling book in the country that is all about that?

My own speculation is that Spotify got to him with the new contract. His contract was up for renewal, at bigger money (was it $200 million or did I just dream that?) and my bet is that Spotify said something like 'if you want this carrot, you are going to have to put away your stick.' Which stick was promptly put away.

I rarely tune in anymore.

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May 30, 2022·edited May 30, 2022

Who is Joe Rogan? Before his interviews with "the good guys-maybe" I hadn't heard of him. Joe flipped and now is a useful-idot, joining a majority of elected-non-elected worldwide! Joe's job is talk, talk, talk, he's a full time bullshitter and his messages are framing peoples' thoughts.

IMO, people can use their valuable time more constructively listening to this interview to understand Rogan's followers'. May 30, 2022: Breaking Free From Mass Formation with Mattias Desmet https://www.corbettreport.com/desmet-massformation/

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It's the terror of knowing what this world is about

Watching some good friends screaming let me out

Pray tomorrow gets me higher, high, high

Pressure on people, people on streets

Turned away from it all like a blind man

Sat on a fence, but it don't work

Keep coming up with love, but it's so slashed and torn

Why, why, why?

Love, love, love, love

Insanity laughs under pressure, we're breaking

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May 30, 2022·edited May 30, 2022

1:46 is this a venomously good joke or just rogan being generationally clueless about annoying folk-pop hits from the 70s?

rogan is a quarter zombie - might have made it halfway across the river but current was too strong for him. you don't get your hands on a hundred mil without getting them dirty and the lure of the lucre is obviously priority #1

also let's not forget that the reality space is not the world he comes out of. reduced to lowest terms, he's a sportscaster. clickbait for the gymrats in the bernie bro crowd.

in the msm world - and rogan is msm af - programming is not typically something that even originates in the hands of a producer. 20 years ago 85 percent of everything on msm was generated by a press release. maybe an even greater percentage now. and with longform programming like rogan, the bean counters micro-mine the data to ensure max clicks and shares when they pick guests for the show. after all there are network bosses and advertisers to report to. let's not forget that vanguard and blackrock have their usual controlling shares of spotify.

which explains why rogan went with the heaviest hitters he could get who are also vaxxed.

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This thing about threats. Do we have anything that comes close to evidence this is happening? I don't doubt that it does - you would have to be naive not to - however in this instance, it would be great to have something to bite on.

A lot of these guys have been at it for two years now pushing on the establishment - Bhakdi, Ioannidis and Bhattacharya (though both not on the vaccines), McCollough, Yeadon, Zelenko, Malone, Montagnier (before he died), Rose, Bridle, etc.. Some have claimed to have been put on a hit list (I believe Zelenko and Yeadon have gone public with some concerns) and Ardis.

Yet, nothing has happened as of yet. Not sure what to make of that angle.

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Not everyone wants to be a lightning rod. Joe just doesn’t seem to have the temperament for it. I think he really just wants to be a bro, maybe an edgy bro at best.

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