*Added a short video clip of ABC News's early pandemic "scoop"🙄 that the Dangerous Germs were circulating in China back in November"

**When Bob was working with DTRA DOMANE to prepare for a "novel entity" with computational biology.

***Right after Trump signed EO 13887 for herd culling gene editing "vaccines".

****And Fauci and Rick Bright were at Milken Institute predicting an "entity of excitement"

******And Johns Hopkins and Bill Gates were doing Event 201 FOR A NOVEL VIRUS SWEEPING THE WORLD!!!!

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Everyone know how long it takes to write a book and the process involved? Hint: A long time and very involved.

How in the world do Malone, RFK et al pump out these things whilst keeping such a busy schedule?

Answer: The Team.

"Hey guys I'm going to write two books this year, do 240 speaking engagements, pump out social media content oh and BTW run for presidency. Can I get some help here?"

"Here are the themes. Proofreader, need you to deluge them with footnotes so they think every thing in the book is gospel. Turtles all the way up."

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Oh crap — we missed the 4 year anniversary of Dr Malone’s covid infection that almost killed him! Anybody checked how he’s doing? Damn. Should have lit off a flare or something at least.

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Our latest evidence that the department of defense was in charge and ran warp speed from its inception:


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In the Target ad’s book synopsis, Malone advertises that his book prepares people for the “coming pandemic.” Since this book had to have been written well prior to February 2020 (and the WHO didn’t declare a pandemic until March 11, 2020), Malone’s early certainty is very telling.

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Was Trump part of the Psyop?

Or was he a manipulated stooge whose massive ego and narcissism will never allow him to admit it?

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Bob’s so amazing, writing with Jill. Remember when she filed for divorce? Protecting assets? They’re cozy again now !

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The ABC producer James Gordon Meek who was just sent to prison for 6 years for kiddie porn.

That guy?


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Remember that Trump was involved in professional wresting. He knows all about the kayfabe:

"In professional wrestling, kayfabe is the portrayal of staged events within the industry as "real" or "true", specifically the portrayal of competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants as being genuine and not staged. The term kayfabe has evolved to also become a code word of sorts for maintaining this "reality" within the direct or indirect presence of the general public."

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Very yes!

All of this is necessary, if we are to live free again. It truly is a beautiful vaccine.

They let us know it was coming, via Deagel. There will be more stern tests ahead.

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Ummm....what about the fact that at the time Trump arranged with Moderna to “get on the shots” he could not have possibly known that there was no remedies available in the existing toolbox of doctors?!

That is....he jumped the gun on the EUA...strike that, on the PREP Act to get the ball rolling.

The thing is....his decision was not in a vacuum....if Moderna or anyone in big pharma was honest....they would gave had to detail the substantial FAILURE by Moderna to bring any product to market with mRNA. And they would have had to detail the long known fact that vaccinating against a coronavirus is impossible because of the rate and speed which it mutated....one might say...clearly faster than the “speed of science” in the Covid era.

So either Trump knew or he was lied to by Moderna and his health advisors. His failure to disavow the “beautiful” vaccines would suggest that he willingly played his part in the political theatre. But am open to hearing others explain away his apparent ignorance to the harm left in the wake of the jabs.

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Please keep this in mind .. Just like now.. they are all talking about a Black Swan event that will take down the grid on MSM ... are they telling us what’s coming ... don’t they usually ,

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Will we ever get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Not in your lifetime. You really have to look at this entire operation and see how much of it was a clusterf**k and not even close to the results these clowns all desired. This is why they have to keep trying again and again and again. Pandemic after pandemic, emergency after emergency and scare tactics galore.

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I clicked on the link for Robert Dark and the author's name is "Robert Mask". Jesus, even that pontificating prick is a troll. Not gonna lie, I respect that game.

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A book out in 1 month???? NOT possible. A jab design in a few days not possible. Full production of vials for the globe in less than 1 year? Not possible. But ' they' thought us to believe in magic ( but not God or an old book). But science magic.

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