Open Thread on "Something Awful is Happening" Summer, 2020

No frills on this one.

If you need to get up to speed, watch. It’s short.

Dr. Mike Yeadon:

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Dr. Mike Yeadon: "By Summer of 2020...something awful is happening."
Watch now (2 min) | Here’s the smoking gun going into the Cull. They all picked the spike. We aaaallll bundle. Why? Next I’m going to find the video where Dr. Mike explains how the UK ordered up lots of end of life drugs, such as Midazolam and morphine to expedite the Culling through the surge of hospitalizations…and blew right through them…
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All the manufacturers selected the spike protein. It was coordinated. By whom?

By whom?

It is my premise that the DOD/BARDA is behind the curtain.

They filtered the cull out through NIH, CDC, FDA, and probably HHS…(paging K. Watt).

And they had meetings. Lots of committee bullshit meetings to “expedite” the process of creating toxic drugs to kill and render infertile under the guise of a Warp Speed response for a pathogen they created.

Whether it was leaked, or released intentionally, by the time we pick up the Warp Speed development and manufacture, the fix is in.

The Operation, long planned, is a go.

Everyone understands, and the first rule of Herd Cull is that nobody talks about Herd Cull.

The theater of the committees is designed to provide Dolts Botching Shit cover.

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Let me tell you what I’m trying to do.

All of these parties listed above?

I believe that is all smoke and mirrors and metric shit tons of plausible deniability muddy water.

The decision was made with the B/M Gates and the DOD in conjunction with the WEF rich assholes to cull the world. We all roughly align on that, and then we split up on CCP. Fine.

What I’m trying to do is build this thing from the bottom.

I think the DOD/BARDA is the Dominant Force in this Bullshit Layer Cake, and they know all about the toxic effects of the drugs per Ralph Baric and other Mad Scientist types such as potentially:

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So one of the threads is Barney Graham who built the NIH Vaccine Research Center. He was recruited to the NIH to build the VRC. He retired in 2021, but is one of the patent holders on the spike. He worked with his team and Jason McLellan out of UoT Austin (connection to Wuhan IoV and Ralph Baric et al). When they got the call to develop an antigen for the Covid jabs, they had already been tinkering with Coronaviruses, MERS, Zika, RSV, etc. Their spike is what is used as the basis for all the Covid Jabs.

He doesn’t get mentioned so much as Baric, but he’s probably the director of the tinkering. (aka blind scientific hubris lab chief)

I know what you’re gonna say: who called him! 😅

So the DOD/BARDA/DARPA Scientists probably know firsthand what the Operation is all about. Some of them probably sorted it out and kept their heads down.

In the rooms, the DOD/BARDA likely was the dominant leader, and made it abundantly clear to the assembled Big Pharm companies:

This is what we want. Spike proteins.

At this point to go back to the premises of Yeadon, Pharm now knows, too.

It is unspoken. But they know.

This is the scene in the movie where you ask the actor to show a tell, very subtly. IN the eyes.

“Oh…Okay, I see.”

They comply. They know the Pinto has a flaw. And the gas tank will explode.

They build it any way.

Herd culling ensues.

I think it’s the US Military, and we now need to isolate the virus Military people in the rooms of all of these bullshit committees which again, are a way to provide a smokescreen and have lots of people to toss under the bus if found out.

I welcome alternative working theories, and insights.

I am looking to move forwards as best as possible with specific granular information.

Set it on fire. 🔥

Pretty sure Covid Claus would be extremely useful in this murder mystery which he probably now derides as “conspiracy theory”.

Whole other subplot.