praying for the health & well being of the babies & kids, innocent souls.

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Notice that treatment for illness is no longer even a thing. It is officially Vaccinemania!™ and infectious disease medicine has boiled down to a binary question: Is there a vaccine for Illness X? And if not, how much $$$ should we throw at Big Pharma until we get one?

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Well said!

It appears to me they are losing the information war, despite the non-stop avalanche of lies.

Did you see what Archbishop Viganò allegedly said in his recent interview?

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Jul 1, 2022Liked by Sage Hana

Comments sections of the world, UNITE!!!

Meanwhile, after I push myself, in the eternal words of Pete The Cat:

"The birds are singing. The sky is bright. The sun is shining. I’m feeling ALRIGHT!”

Now, back to other comments sections battles to win a few hearts and minds....

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They have been doing this for a while I am just happy if people are starting to catch on. Did we cause vaccine resistant poliomyelitis to spread? We will make a vaccine for that! Did our chickenpox vaccine cause shingles? Well now we've got a shingles jab! Take care of your own health folks. They are not watching out for anything but their own bottom line

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TBH some of this is a bit confusing. In principle kids under 5 don’t get the shot there (yet). So would guess a lot of the respiratory diseases are post lockdown didn’t have anything normal spreading for 2 years shockwaves? Babies affected by mother’s getting injected? Ah forgot. climate change.

But OK of course. hit ‘em while they’re down. Shoot ‘em up. why not.

I see the can of lysol in my bathroom now kills covid. Should we inject babies with lysol? It fights lotsa germs.

Its a free for all now right?

Its all good Sciəncə

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Keep speaking Truth to power. It will get

Worse. Desmet said “change finally happens after much damage”. The damages are real and personal. In America

It’s imperative we vote the current regime out with a red wave. Hold these people

To some accountability and crossing fingers that we don’t stay stuck in a party

Solution. Me thinks the Anger here will be

Noticed at the mid terms. Unless we go

Total regime nuclear war no elections

Nothing surprises me now.

Desmet said “stay loyal to Truth.”

“When we stop pushing back and become

Silent we lose.”

Best to maintain our Principals shine our

Lights Speak when inspired. Continue to

Challenge the BS narratives.

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When you say you're going to save the world from a deadly pandemic...

But you wind up killing millions more people than the pandemic ever could have.

At least you tried.


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I don’t know if this comment even fits here, maybe it’s just a random rant, but who’s going to make healthy babies at all if this crap keeps happening?

Why aren’t young people freaking out about the threats to their baby-making potential?

I really hate our self-hating—and now self-sterilizing—“educated” and complicit youth of today.

I wish college/university students would WAKE THE FUCK UP and either protest, defer, take an LOA, or just plain drop out of their Fed-funded schools and research universities/indoctrination centers—and go try and make babies, just in case they got the saline.

P.S. I have always loved using unmoderated DM comments for my zeitgeist checks.

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Very early on I gave out printed notes on how NOT to have COVID-19 or any Coronavirus'. Now I am giving out business cards with a Bible verse. On the back is this message: Frowney Face "Don't get jabbed!" Underneath is a happy face with the message "Jayna Dinnyes is on MeWe." When talking to workers on the phone, I also mention these words. Today, a fellow named Jack (who sounded like he owns the construction company he was soliciting for) asked me about the COVID vaccinations. I told him some of the evil we know about them. He was shocked but said he was not going to get them now and would do more research. Some have given him some flack about his vaccine hesitancy. He thanked me.

At this point as GENOCIDE seems to be heading our way, maybe it's "each one reach and teach one." How else can people be WARNED? I never had many relatives and friends. It must be painful now to see them anxious to take the COVID-19 nose-jab testing and vaccines. Knowing just ONE has been very overwhelmingly SAD for me! PLEASE STAY WELL NATURALLY!

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we have the ocean. the whales are on the beach or close to it.

just gotta keep that ocean pacific - not bellecosic. hold tight to the white hat it's gonna come in handy

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Brilliant. And that is what we have to do. the best we can...not sure if we can save a few, but

if so we can. Finding another ocean.

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Good one, Sage. Keep shooting straight, my friend. Works better than any $ donation. Linking as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

By the way did you see "Vaxx In The Cradle" Video - it's sad but great. I linked it today after seeing it linked elsewhere!!!!

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you/know/ that if the guppies got their own ocean, somehow the whales would still have spies and high level influencers among the guppy folk who think they're now free...

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Thanks Sage! Ya, my question to Alex, which will be unanswered ... Did he settle for big $$$? I suspect the answer is YES. He showed his hand when he started a GoFundMe campaign. At that time I told him, if he dumps GoFundMe, I may contribute. However, if he does not, I suspect he is not all that he says he is. What about the unspent money after his settlement? Where does that go? Hopefully back to his donors, but more than likely to some left wing organization, run by white liberals, like BLM or Planned Parenthood. If you donate money using GoFundMe ... well buyer beware. Sorry to get off topic here.

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What. A. Fucking. Human. Catastrophe.

These sons of bitches have made. And the response? MOREZ VACKSHEENS.

Time to build them gallows.

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