Truth here 100% Sage ...let’s play devils advocate for one brief moment... another country/countries are after us, take us over and invade our wonderful, supportive, God loving and God fearing country ... well our military industrial complex is protecting us , all of us ... SO they need bioweapon research and lots of it , lots of scientists , biologists , chemists, immunologists blah blah oops and MDs who write contracts and review data. It’s all to protect us .... all of us . But sometimes unforeseen side effects/affects occur ... oops again ... stop it ASAP to save the people BUT they didn’t ,... why ... cause why ?..... to cull ( too many elderly to pay out Medicare ? ) 🤔.... too many babies , well they aren’t on Medicare , maybe Medicaid 🤔.... but why young or middle age folks who pay their insurance and contribute to society ?🤔.... There is another agenda to decrease whose here , is it to just depopulate? Aren’t we all thankful our military industrial complex is protecting us and PS getting rid of doctors who do speak up , who can’t practice medicine ever again . Now the vitamin and supplement industry is at jeopardy, why ??? ... cause they want to protect us.... it’s so obvious ... how many years in the making ??? Look back everyone 1+1 never did equal 2 . Thank u Sage for opening my eyes 👀...

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There will be lots of limited hangouts but what they can't do is cross over from "mistakes were made" to "this was intentional". Lots of people - 'truthers' included - will die on that cross.

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This has never been about a virus or your health. It’s war.

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It all makes complete sense. The US government was afraid that a virus would harm the American people so, out of an abundance of love for the American people, they locked us down, bankrupted businesses, masked and isolated children, prevented doctors from caring for patients as they saw fit, pushed untested medical interventions, in four states put infected people into nursing homes to mingle with the most vulnerable population, and paid for propaganda that created such hatred of the unjabbed to the point that the governor of New York tried to institute quarantine camps.


I hate that f****** song.

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The idea that this was some kind of mistake and not deliberate is ludicrous. Best you can say is maybe the foot soldiers were so effectively bred for obedience and stupidity that they didn't see it, followed the script and above all "preserved the program". But people calling the shots knew what they were doing. Somebody had good data and a brain, and they knew. It's 9/11 times ten gone global.

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https://youtu.be/kGctGh3vvJg Gates saying the current jabs don't work properly but they can be fixed... first 30 seconds (which is all I can take of this douchebag). Malone insisting that millions died due to Sars-CoV-2 is feeding the fear monster. Keep them scared so that they'll continue to get jabbed because we're all making too much money at this and wow! Depopulating the planet at the same time!

Morning dear Sage. xo

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For many (not all), it’s 2 parts intellectual dishonesty, 2 parts intellectual laziness, 1 part ignorance, and a liberal helping of regurgitation.

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"And 20-years later, when they do it again, you are shocked, SHOCKED, that genocide is going on at Casablanca."

Here you are wrong, Sage. It will happen much much faster this time.

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And now it comes full circle...

Understanding that your (the royal your) societies have always functioned this way and were allowed to do so by the masses, so long as they could hold the perfumed kerchief up to your nose, when the stench became dizzying.

The baton has always been passed and the great mental and emotional lies of the people, have always been embraced and coveted, especially during times of imposed stress and discomfort.

And it will always be that way.

Sorry folks, but thousands of years of history...with people who were just as smart, dumb, intelligent, stupid, liberal, conservative, stoic, enlightened, secular and religious as you...proves that this model is the one that sticks, to the bottom of our collective shoes.

The times that LOOK like things changed, are the times THEY allowed them to change, in small measures. Understand that the hot button, overt version of the bad/evil thing (lets say slavery) was defeated (changed) and replaced by the covert, soft slavery we live in now.

The smoke and mirrors have always been present...the masses have always clung to them as truth, justice and liberty...and taught their kids to do the same, "here son breath through this NFL scented kerchief, soon you won't smell the bad conspiracy theory odor".

The other reality shoe, that should be dropping right about now, is all those around you are fine and even happy with the scented kerchief...as they step around the bodies produced by the 1001 things, of the ever present and bigger picture.

Matter of fact, if they had to choose between a 6 month sit in at the capitol, in beautiful sunny weather, to protest the very issues they rail against and call for trials over...or being oppressed and killed but being allowed to watch their college/pro team (in their team swag), ordering door dash, netflix, their social media, their status symbol tesla...they'd choose the later and turn you in for suggesting the protest action.

They are the ones that make this perpetual model successful...and they have been doing their good work for thousands of years...not the tyrants or orchestrators...not even the monsters...but the sheeple.

You are the minority my friends,...you who've dropped the kerchief in astonishment and took a long, deep drag of the stench...that is the centuries old rotting flesh of societies around the world.

You always have been the minority, no matter what the controlled op has told you, throughout those centuries.

It's all a structure, a maze...where all the mice are allowed to get the cheese, after they run the maze. But some mice start to realize they're in a maze and the cheese is a distraction to their plight...so those mice are allowed to climb out of the maze and find fruit waiting...never understanding that they've unwittingly escaped to a much larger maze, where the scale makes the walls seem expansive, not confining....totally unrecognizable as another maze.

By all means fight, resist, prepare, be suspicious, don't trust them...do all those things and more, but understand, this model is older than you, it's survived through hundreds of millions of resistors, and at it's core, it's changed very little. While you may defeat it individually...you won't defeat it in totality.

IT, after all, is Human Nature.

The want to be Comfortable, Convenienced, Entertained and have a sense of Safety (thanks for the addition Sage), at any cost...is the baton.

The real "monster" is that very Human Nature. Those killing you are just the evil and powerful opportunist of time immemorial, that have been allowed to exist and flourish.

They rightly understand that the masses will happily choose to die, so long as they can hold the baton, right up to their last breath.

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Once upon a time, average people had common sense and a visceral understanding of first principles was still part of the social fabric. Among other things, critical thinking skills and traditional morality were intentionally destroyed, in preparation for the GC's final solution program that officially began publicly in Rio (Declaration on Environment and Development, adopted by 178 Member States in 1992 at the Earth Summit) over 30 years ago.

The masses no longer possess the ability to think logically or to independently evaluate what they are told, to see if it is compatible with reality/common sense or lived experience. All of this had to be in place/accomplished prior to 1992. Many other preparations were carefully planned and implemented (e.g., see Katherine Watt's excellent substack for details on how much of this was accomplished) as well. As an example, "why did government and public health authorities refuse to follow customary procedure/pandemic response guidelines for the first time, in early 2020?" Why did every member of the WH press corps with the possible exception of Emerald Robinson, refuse to ask appropriate questions and demand answers from the CV task force when the first hint of a totally unorthodox and preposterous coordinated response was presented? Every member of Congress failed in their duty of performing due diligence, simultaneously. That is impossible unless planned/designed.

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If I'm pessimistic, people will only acknowledge what we've been telling them when they get destroyed by discovering their ten year-old daughter in bed, not breathing, cold and pale, incapable of fulfilling her patriotic duty to keep believing the evil lies of the Monster, like her Father does every day.

(That thought came out very dark; That must be my depression coming back. Time to change something in my daily routine.)

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First off: I like your style baby, you make me laugh and man do I need to laugh!

You just speak into the shit, cut right through it.

So... how about we wander down the road most uncomfortable and we rephrase things a little.....

Question - how many 'things' are being introduced into our environment that are making us sick?

I personally don't have a testing kit to see if the incredibly beautiful snow outside my home is laced with chemicals. (But leave that aside... I can hold many contradictory pieces at once... I don't need to know, but I can pay attention.)

Lets talk global increases in radiation levels.

Lets talk chemicals used in farming that circulate through our environment, round and round.

You don't even need to dive into the question of virus and contagion. You can leave that sitting to the side. (But you might notice how pharma is going to continually strangle us with the 'fear of' if we can't notice all the 'things' we are exposed to.)

And I'll try not to bang my head against the wall when I hear this:

"Dolts botching shit" cause they damn well ain't.

(I had this 'banging my head against the wall' schtick, until one day I went to do it and my head started to vibrate a head banging all on it's own. Super freaky!)

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Sage: "I hate it when I see the future"


Stevie Nicks: "I'll keep my visions to myself"

timestamp: 02:01

Fleetwood Mac, Dreams



Now. Is the USG a player for those millions of people who still believe in it? Are all adults like a lovesick 19 year-old woman who is constantly whored around by a pimp who threatens her with beating her in a non-sexy way?

Pop music is deeper than people get them credit for.

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I dont think El Gato Malo meant what poster stated. In fact I interpreted it as veiled admission to JBI2 but not explicitly.

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