Steve Kirsch's Interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight: Rumble Upload Abruptly Cuts off to a Video Game Feed

The Technical Glitch is the Least of my Concerns


*Update* Kind of looking like this Rumble channel is not an official Fox News or Tucker Channel, despite its name.

Gonna leave the post as it was written, because A.) it’s still kind of a funny spin on how someone seeking the Kirsch interview may come across this on the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” channel on Rumble 🤪, B.) the full show is up on the next post with no shenanigans, and C.) aside from the Rumble Technical glitch angle, the analysis of Fox News stands on its own.

Sorry if I led you astray! I welcome admonishment.

*How the hell does Fox allow a channel to use their show’s name and not put the kibosh on this?

Holy shit. 😮

This may end up being a Sage Hana exclusive as someone at Fox News or Tucker Carlson Tonight may get to this upload and pull it down. I’ll leave the link below for you to check.

Steve Kirsch’s interview was cut off on the Rumble upload to this:


What a perfect metaphor for watching a shitty movie as they try to kill us.

That’s not even the worst of it! 😂

Bullet points:

  • Brian Kilmeade subs in for Tucker Carlson.

  • Dreadful “comedy” segment precedes Kirsch.

  • Kilmeade looks like he is going to die of Sudden Anchor Death Syndrome when Tip o’ Spear brings up Wayne Root’s wedding party vaccine deaths and injuries.

  • Kilmeade desperately tries to steer Kirsch back to “Democrats Bad, Republicans Good” territory.

  • Rumble Stream upload then abruptly cuts to Asian video game stream…until the end of the show.

  • Someone at Tucker Carlson Tonight Rumble department uploads and apparently doesn’t notice this, or just says fuck it.

  • Rumble stream link here, pick it up around the 26-m mark:

Forget the Technical Glitch part.

Fox News is so in the tank. So damn corrupt.

Remember that this is the same joint that warned Catherine Engelbrecht to NOT talk about 2000 Mules.

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I will just bring up the obvious points, and I don’t even watch the shit. Any of it.

Fox News took the Biden Administration cash to push the jabs.

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They try to shut down the coverage of the jab’s dangers. (Good job, Steve.)

All Kilmeade wanted to do like a trained seal is funnel people back into a tired old Red-Blue divide, and they clearly don’t give a good goddamn if these injections are dangerous.


*Kilmeade looked just like Megyn Kelly here:

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What an absolute Crock of Shit Media Universe we live in and you just saw Steve Kirsch pull the covers on it.

I already know that some of you are not going to be able to get past this Psychological Operation of the Teams.

Pay attention to what you are not allowed to discuss.

Or just vote harder and stay within the Fake Two Party Paradigm even when they let you peek behind the curtain and show you who they all work for.

Let’s end on a positive note.

Kirsch, you did good.