Somebody Tech Savvy tell me a good platform to allow the :37 Pandemics repeatedly faked video can be mass accessed. Then go tweet it to all of your Media Heroes with massive platforms.

Because you have a video that stands on its own.

And if they are TRUTH SEEKERS, meeeebbeeeee they will want to explore this, YOU KNOW TO GET TO THE TRUTH, this FAKED PANDEMICS as spoken by PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE Camelot Goody on ::wink wink:: INTELLECTUAL DARK WEB BRET WEINSTEIN'S PODCAST...

From 2021.

Which was buried.

For two years.

Until it was time to run for President.

And also just in time to militarize Israel.

Good Lord.

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🤣 I always love it when the horse hooves gallop across the screen.

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OK Sage, you are gonna slap me upside my head for this one but 1) even if you are female, you would NEVER LOOK LIKE THAT BLONDE THING.....and so help me God if you do, I am going to legally adopt you and shave you bald.

2) I do not know, but I BELEIVE YEADON WAS RIGHT. There are no such things as pandemics and cannot be since the discovery of antibiotics. 1918 was a respitory disease that turned to a pneymonia, and even FAUCI said this in his paper. As long as we have antibiotics that WORK (i.e. we stop feeding them to everything we eat) there will be NO NATURAL PANDEMIC ever again provided you don't withhold them from sick people....

3) the only PANDEMICS/EPIDEMICS now have come from LAB LEAKS..or deliberate creations of and releases of.

and this is BIG BUSINESS. THIS IS THE WEALTH OF the ELITES and GATES etc. that you are proposing to tear down and destroy. THIS IS a WEAPON OF WAR that you are threatening to take out of the hands of nation states with BIG Departments of DEFENSE,. This is the wealth of UNIVERSITIES, and also of the STOCK MARKET. These entwined entitites will see you dead before a sizeable amount of the population realizes this.

AND YOU ARE PROPOSING TO TEAR DOWN THE WHO, the bedrock of the ONE HEALTH SYSTEM, the FIRST SUPRANATIONAL AGENCY THAT IS CURRENTLY TRYING TO HAVE EVERY MEMBER COUNTRY CEDE THEIR SOVREIGNITY to them. This is the first step in HOW they will achieve the ONE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT. They have been planning this for over 70 years, and WOE BETIDE anyone who comes in between them and this goal...because they are SO DAMN CLOSE.

Now that I have got that out of my system, I have changed my mind. Please wear a blond wig and lipstick (not the hot pants please) and BE CAREFUL....This is the column that is gong to make me sick with worry - about you.

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Jay J Couey is 1000 % thé real deal. Total good guy and he has been through hell before he appeared on the screens. He is wickedly smart and we need to protect him. He can run circles around Bob intelligence and knowledge wise and Bob knows it. And because bob is a DC Beltway player he will keep his friends very close and enemies "friendenemies " and even closer. b is a poison that leaches out. He can't stop leaching.

I spoke with J over three days and shared your substack with him as soon as the conference was over because real people should get to know real people. I want to say a lot more here but I am hesitant. Any " mistake " or little ":miss " anything he makes is because he is totally new to this horrible game and he HATES it as much as we all do and he is just blown away because he is a (self proclaimed )newby until recently, just a nice guy. Now he needs to be way more than a nice, smart guy, he needs to watch his back 24-7. He was falling for all the bullshit until he had some waking moments that jolted him. Can't say here. We need molecular biologists really badly. Really, really badly. He is neurology expert also. They are all we really need. Everyone else can go away and go to hell, except the people that get unadulterated info out to the public. This is 1000% the case. These are the only two groups we need, well and maybe lawyers, damnit.

They will not let it happen because they don't want the truth told so the evils will continue to confuse and obfuscate as you know. Jay is learning this and still a little bewildered by the amount of evil. Understandably!

Thank you S for keeping us all honest and double and triple thinking everything. The only way out as I see it is to keep boiling everything down to simplicity. It is good for us and good for the normies because I see them get confused and shake their head to try to clear it and then just give up. We need to keep even the most complicated simple because the Devil is turning things upside down.

💕🙏 Wake me when this f ing dream is over. 🥂

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Here are 20 Pandemic and Virus Movies You Can Stream Right Now

From 'World War Z' to 'Bird Box,' get our list of the best films about outbreaks, diseases and, occasionally, zombies.


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Come on, Sage, could you please avoid lists of people in headlines? :DDD

In diagonal scanning of my inbox, it comes across as 'Substack Community' informing me that «Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and Jeremy Farrar» liked something I posted.

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I think everyone knows or should know Bret Weinstein is DOA.

Planted talking head distractor.

These f ing Billionaires know nothing about anything other than, ripping people off and controlling them. They would not know an atom from an electron or sickness from health or epidemiology from gender studies. They all should be shunned and ignored.

They remind me of Anderson Cooper controlled cai stupid ass, self important talking heads that people for some strange reason take seriously. Notice they don't write much because no one will read it.

Just turn them off the Propaganda stream.

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I put Sage's stack today on my facebook (the not me one)....and then I posted Good Citizen's post today.


Wish I had more "friends".

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The Good Citizen was interesting today.

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This post has been updated from our original 50 Survival Movies post that was first published in 2021. We keep our content updated as the world around us changes, as we learn new skills and techniques, and (of course) when we find more survival and prepping movies. This list is now a little more than 50 movies.


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Can I just say I hate listening to the Evil Garden Gnome ALMOST as much as I listening to #TrudeauTheTyrant... which is saying a lot. 😊

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Sage, don't bother if you are busy, but I'd love to know what you think of Malones face in this clip when Renz is talking about the DOD and the bioweapon...and the total immunity....https://vigilantnews.com/post/attorney-accuses-the-cia-and-dod-of-being-deeply-involved-with-covid-19

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I didn't know what the "Fourth Estate" meant. DOD? Good Lord.


I wonder when Bobby says fake pandemics out loud then walks it back... is that purposeful?

I watched some of Lee Merit's recent video talking to Scott Schara (Grace's father) about his medical murder lawsuit. The charge of "Battery" got them around the malpractice insurance protective shield.

It's a civil lawsuit, not criminal. The trial will be in November of '24 right during the (fake) election.

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Notice Malone mentioning how much he likes to work with DTRA. As far as I can tell, DTRA = offensive bioweapon research. They funded Wuhan far more than Fauci did. They ran the more than dozen labs in Ukraine and many, many more around the world. Remember what else was in Ukraine? Hunter-invested, US gov. funded Metabiota: a pandemic prediction company. There were Hunter emails about how excited they were when ebola showed up in the US and there were involved in contract work for some ebola outbreak in Africa as well. [As an aside, kinda weird they had ebola in that CCP lab in CA, huh?]

Very early on, Malone mentioned on substack something about an alternate covid vaccine he was consulting on and when people objected he said something like I don't care, this is what I do. I don't think at that time they realized how their covid injections scheme was leading to broader questions about vaccines and medicine.

I imagine that there may be some people in a panic to get this whole situation more under control, hence the "Pfizer tricked the FDA" and can be sued now narrative. Personally, I'm going with Pfizer and Moderna are criminally liable co-conspirator patsies for bigger players.

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Sage, I don't remember which of your articles talked about 'thought leaders,' but hey! Here's another 'anointed' one. The Devil of internet censorship--https://rumble.com/v3u6lnv-renee-diresta-worked-for-the-cia-and-is-a-thought-leader-on-censorship.html. Start at 19 minutes....

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