The Real Anthony Fauci-The Movie: Part Two, #2

The Bioweapon Emergency Security State, Operation Northwoods, Vaccines and Autism, Trump Reneges on RFK Vaccine Safety Committee Following Meeting with Bill Gates


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The following are my spicy hot takes, and not directly reflective of the precise content of the Fauci film.

This is the one, fam.

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RFK, Jr. rips the Band Aid off in this clip. 😮

Actually rips a bunch of Band Aids off.

Smoke show.

My goodness.

Operation Northwoods was your lovely Military Industrial and Intelligence Complex (MIIC) plotting back in the 1960s that they could…you know…

Murder American citizens with a variety of familiar sounding false flag crises to further their war goals with Cuba.

In case you are wondering why the modern day “honorable” DOD and IC would be creating and pushing bioweapons into the veins of all humanity (and their own troops).

In case that all seemed too far-fetched and Tinfoil Hat to you, Normie.

Yes, really.

Operation Northwoods was a plan signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962, but was rejected by then president John F. Kennedy. This plan, also known as the “Cuba Project”, was proposed in order to invade Cuba. They would justify this invasion by staging Cuban terrorist attacks in Florida, and Washington D.C. The government and the military had plans to shoot up schools, blow up drone commercial airlines, and also stage a fake raid on Guantanamo Bay. This website provides a more comprehensive list of proposed crimes than the full PDF document.

Other options considered would be the murdering of Cuban refugees off the Florida coast, blowing up a US ship in a harbor, (Remember the Maine!) Starting riots, and staging mortar and artillery fire to US military bases from Cuba.

The document was made public in 1997, with little public response. Those who do not believe the official JFK assassination story, could attribute Kennedy’s rejection of the plan to his assassination.

Oh, look! 😅

Look who was hanging out that fateful day at Dealey Plaza!


Click on the pic of Herbert Walker if you like and actually watch that whole movie.

Yes, it’s like four hours.

Red Pill on steroids.

This is your Real State, y’all.

Says here that The MIIC took out Uncle Jack not long after. (This is me theorizing, not RFK, Jr. to be clear!)

The coup happened right there.

Right there.

Right there, when the duly elected governance of the day said, “We will co-sign this ludicrous single gunman theory bullshit and thank you, may we have another.”

Meanwhile, much of the evidence is still locked away, some 60-years later.

Because…national security.

And these DOD/CIA/Blob Critters just kept going, as our elected puppets now understood full well who NOT to investigate.

Guess who persuaded the Church Committee from going too hard in investigating the CIA?

Dealey Plaza Guy.

Whoops. Chuck says the quiet part out loud here.

Of course the giant Elephant in the Room, even more than Injection-19, is 9/11.

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Alright, enough said.

Oh look!

Another Hero Ball Band Aid removed:


I went off here and added some valuable spicy Conspiracy Analysis.

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